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Greg Kihn albums available on iTunes

Greg Kihn Band Albums All Available on Apple iTunes

Now, after all these years, you can once again purchase all that great Greg Kihn Band albums. These album have been out of print for decades and I am proud to re-release all of them! These ...
Greg Kihn Best Of

Buy Greg Kihn Band Best Of Beserkley Featuring The Breakup Song & Jeopardy

Greg Kihn Releases Greg Kihn Band;Best of Beserkley, ’75-’84 New Disc Features 21 Remastered Hits from the Legendary 80’s Rocker Greg Kihn Announces CD Release Party and ...

Buy Rubber Soul a Beatles Novel by Greg Kihn

Rubber Soul Greg Kihn While the RIAA may not be able to certify Kihn’s work with a gold disc, fans of Kihn and The Beatles, as well as those who long for the simpler yet magical time ...

The Greg Kihn Band… Kansas City After Midnight & a Killer BBQ!

Watching the Giants play the Royals in the 2014 World Series brought back some memories.  The Greg Kihn Band used to play Kansas City quite a bit back in the 80’s.  They had a ...

Growing up with Baseball Play Ball! Time to Vote!

When I was a kid, I grew up in Baltimore only a few blocks away from Memorial Stadium.  As a matter of fact, my elementary school was directly across the street from Memorial Stadium.  ...

Get Ready for the MLB Playoffs!

Get ready for the MLB playoffs! Here they come! Both the Giants and the A’s have one­ game Wildcard playoffs to win before they can move on. If they manage to win, the Giants will ...

AC/DC Breaks the Windows at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco. Greg Kihn Remembers

I saw ACDC on their first tour ever in the US at a small club that we used to play called the Old Waldorf near the Embarcadero in San Francisco near the waterfront. I had played the ...

Who’s Guitar Am I?

I used to be a red Fender Stratocaster.  I say ‘used to be’ because I am no longer a playble instrument.  I am a collection of pieces- a cracked neck, a burnt torso, my beautiful ...

Buy Greg Kihn Band on iTunes

Buy Greg Kihn Best of Beserkley
Best of Beserkley
Greg Kihn Band Kihnspiracy
Greg Kihn Band Kihntagious
Greg Kihn Band Glass House Rock
Glass House Rock
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With The Naked Eye
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Next Of Kihn
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Greg Kihn Again
Buy Greg Kihn on Apple iTunes
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