Painted Black by Greg Kihn

Painted Black

Painted Black

by Greg Kihn

Painted Black is a Mystery/Thriller novel about the death of Brian Jones of the legendary rock n’ roll band The Rolling Stones.

Dust Bin Bob is back and he’s hanging in Morocco with Brian Jones, the doomed original guitarist of the Rolling Stones. Find out what happens in the sequel to Rubber Soul, Painted Black.

Quote from Greg-
If you’re a fan of the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones, Rock N’ Roll, or good fun Mystery/Thrillers,  then I think that you’ll really enjoy my novel “Painted Black”.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Rolling Stones and their music. I remember the first song I heard, the first album I bought and the first riff I learned on guitar. I’ve been lucky enough to play with and also interview members of the Stones. I had a lot of fun writing this novel about Dust Bin Bob & Brian Jones’ adventure together. I used my Rock N’ Roll knowledge & personal experiences with the Stones to write something that I hope you enjoy.

Rock on!


The ROLLING STONES Star in PAINTED BLACK; 2015’s Most Anticipated Rock and Roll Historical Fiction Novel by Author, Rock Star & Radio Personality GREG KIHN

In Kihn’s sequel to his lauded 2013 BEATLES novel RUBBER SOUL, PAINTED BLACK is a captivating, all-star murder mystery surrounding the death of founding ROLLING STONES’ guitarist Brian Jones.

PAINTED BLACK, 2015’s most anticipated Rock and Roll historical fiction murder mystery novel from pioneering thriller genre author, Rock Star, and San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area Classic Rock Radio Personality Greg Kihn, puts The Rolling Stones center stage as co-lead protagonists in a riveting and gripping page-turner about the mysterious death of founding guitarist Brian Jones; one of the most high profile musicians in Rock Music’s 27 Club. Returning in PAINTED BLACK is lead protagonist and hero Bobby Dingle, aka: Dust Bin Bob, from Kihn’s 2013 lauded historical fiction novel, RUBBER SOUL, which featured The Beatles.

Now 1969, three years after saving The Beatles from a potential assassination attempt by Marcos loyalists in Manila, Philippines during their 1966 world tour, Dust Bin Bob finds himself entangled in a headline-grabbing, celebrity-driven multiple murder mystery of international proportions. Globetrotting through exotic locals from Marrakech to Morocco and London to Baltimore, PAINTED BLACK features the iconic personalities of John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Marianne Faithfull, Noel Redding, and Nils Lofgren as integral and peripheral players surrounding the ultimately doomed Brian Jones.

What was it that Brian saw in the reflection of the antique mirror he purchased and used for the esoteric art of mirror gazing that frightened him so much and ultimately sets the scene for his untimely death? Did house renovator, Frank Thorogood, who had been working on Brian’s home or his thuggish day laborers, kill him the day Jones fired him? Was it conspiracy to murder arranged between then Rolling Stones chauffeur and “fixer” Tom Keylock who had introduced Thorogood to Jones and who both believed a huge cash fortune was hidden in Jones’ house? Who is the nefarious Jimi Hendrix roadie, Skully, and sleazy drug dealer Acid King Leon who mysteriously ingratiate themselves into Jones’ inner circle?

You can’t always get what you want, and almost 50-years after-the-fact, Rolling Stones fans who can’t get no satisfaction to lend closure to this riveting mystery will be left shattered at the twists and turns right up to the very last page.

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Painted Black is published by Open Road Integrated Media, Inc., NY, NY:

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