“The Life I Got” is an autobiographical song about me going through life as a musician, DJ, and author. “If I had it to do all over again, I’d do it again all over with you” is as true as any opening line as I’ve ever written. Truth be told, “The Life I Got” is my favorite song on our new album REKIHNDLED. I always considered it a single and I thought that the song deserved a video.

I’ve made a bunch of videos over the years to songs like “Jeopardy”, “Happy Man”, “Reunited”, etc. Writing this song about the history of my career brought back some great memories of my original band mates and also video director Joe Dea. Looking at the old footage of “Jeopardy” and ”Happy man” reminded me of the excitement we used to feel. I feel that way now about “The Life I Got” and making the video marks it’s place in time.

We wanted to show my life in the video, make it fun and we also wanted the current GKB. I think director Kent Hagen did a GREAT job making this all happen. I really like how he mixed in some video clips from our videos “Jeopardy and “Happy Man”.  There are flashbacks to all of my album covers, lots of photos of me growing up and of old band mates. We included some occasional dancing rock n roll girls to keep it fun, and added some current band footage to paint an accurate picture of the band now.

The overall message is, “I feel blessed to have my life and I wouldn’t change it for nothing!”

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