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Happy 4th of July!

We went to a baseball game (SF Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals) with bass player/keyboardist Robert Berry of the Greg Kihn Band last night (and his lovely new wife from St. Louis.)  ...

Baseball is back! Let me hear you say it, “Play ball!”

This is my favorite time of the year- spring training, good weather, and another epic campaign is about to begin.  This is the time of year where everybody’s a contender.  No one ...

The Geek Show, Why do we watch the crap we watch?

Think about it. TV has never been worse. There are no flagship shows anymore. There’s no 24, no Star Trek, no The Unit, no nothing. And the comedies are even worse. What was the last ...

Greg Kihn’s Stadium Singers Boot Camp!

You know what’s always cool? When the rest of the country tunes in to watch one of our teams in the National Spotlight and they see how freaky we are here in the Bay Area. Doesn’t ...

One Million People Expected in San Francisco Today!

One Million People Expected in San Francisco today! Today is the culmination of all our thoughts and dreams- this is it! This is why we play the game! Ticker tape parades are part of ...
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