Wow! I’m flabbergasted and delighted to see that FOR YOU was named the number one best Bruce Springsteen cover. That’s so cool! I always loved the song from the first time I heard it on Bruce’s debut album “Greetings From Asbury Park, New Jersey.”

It’s a great honor to be number one because there are some great Springsteen covers out there. Have you ever heard “Sandy” by the Hollies or “Fire” by the Pointer Sisters?

I remember recording that FOR YOU. It was one of the first songs recorded for the second album GREG KIHN AGAIN and Dave Carpender hadn’t even joined the band yet. That’s Robbie Dunbar on the lead guitar.

I had the flu the day I sang the vocal and I was congested and they told me I could do it over later but I never did.

The harmonica solo was another happy mistake. I was just messing around so they could get levels adjusted. I wasn’t actually playing anything, just blowing in and out and looking for a melody. One take? Not even that. And of course they said I could do it again later but I never did.

Used the Rickenbacker 12 string guitar on FOR YOU. I had been searching for the Byrds Roger McGuinn sound and I was convinced it was running the Ricky through a Fender Bassman. When that didn’t work I tried a Fender Super Reverb. When that didn’t work I tried a Marshall. I never could get that sound on the 12 string. Later I found out McGuinn didn’t even use an amp. He just ran the guitar direct into the recording consol with tons of compression on it. Duh!

Greg Kihn “For You” is the number one Bruce Springsteen cover as selected by AZ Central.