Win a Pair of VIP Meet and Greets for the Greg Kihn Band Catalyst Show

Greg Kihn VIP Meet and Greet PackageWin a pair of VIP Meet and greet packages & two tickets for the Greg Kihn Band reunion show on May 19th at the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz.

The VIP Package Includes

  • Autographed copy of “Best Of Beserkley” ’75-’84
  • Autographed copy of Greg Kihn Band DVD
  • Meet and greet / photo opp with Greg Kihn prior to show.

To enter you only need to register and leave a comment to this thread, and answer this question:

What was the first Greg Kihn album you purchased?


  • Multiple entries will be deleted.
  • You must provide your own transportation to the show.
  • Winner will be contacted by the email used to register and will have 24 hours to confirm winning or a new winner will be selected.
  • You must be 18 and over to enter.
  • Winner will receive two (2) VIP packages and two (2) tickets.
  • Winner agrees to allow Greg Kihn to use name and photos on the website.
  • Winner will be selected from all comments left on this post on May 16th, 2012.
  • All entries agree to be added to the Greg Kihn email list. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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17 Responses to "Win a Pair of VIP Meet and Greets for the Greg Kihn Band Catalyst Show"

  1. The first Greg Kihn album I got was “With The Naked Eye”. A great record! I still have the vinyl record! It would be great to meet Greg and have him sign that record at the Catalyst!

  2. Rockihnroll!!! Got to see Greg last year with his son Ry playing in the band, and u guys were freaking awesome!!!! Happy to say u guys still kick ass!!!

  3. Lucky for me the my first Greg Kihn CD “Next of Kihn” was given to me by my boyfriend at the time. Kept the CD-ditched the boyfriend! One of my most memorable New Year’s Eves was partying in Santa Cruz to the GKB. ROCK ON!

  4. What a year it was. Next of Kihn was my first (but not last) album. Win or lose, we’ll see you in Santa Cruz and at the Kihncert!

  5. “Greg Kihn Again” I have it on vinyl and cassette… my 22 year old son plays the cassette… yes the cassette!! His favorite is ‘Politics’.. We’ve been looking for it on CD or MP3… no luck so far. Watched the Greg Kihn Band numerous times at the “Oasis” ballroom in Sacramento. I know it’ll be a great show!!

  6. Mike Myke Murrieta · Edit

    Glass House Rock, was the first one I got.
    And I got them all autographed in Davis California at Barney’s Records when Dwight Twilley opened up for Greg at Freeborn Hall!

  7. I attended the New Years Eve bash at the Cow Palace on 12/31/81 and my first album was Kihntinued. I can’t wait for the concert and it would be an honor to win the VIP Tickets!!

  8. I saw The Greg Kihn Band at Keystone quite a few times back when Greg played a Ric twelve string, Their live performances were superb. I think he use to start his set by yelling LETS ROCK THIS HOUSE and then break into “For You”. The first album I got was “Greg Kihn”. My Favorite song on the album was “Any Other Woman”.

  9. My first Greg Kihn album I bought was Kihntinued when i was 16. Now i have them all but the best of beserkely.

  10. Next of Kihn and With the Naked Eye after my sister and I saw GKB front & center at the Old Waldorf on Battery Street (forgot the year, the memory is hazy) – still have a pic of Greg from that show in his striped shirt up close & personal…

    Also met the band during a RockihnRoll era album signing at the old Wherehouse (or was it Record Factory) in San Mateo and still have that album framed on my wall autographed by the original 4….

  11. Back in the 70’s I went to a show at the Keystone Berkeley not knowing what to expect. Greg Kihn with his Rickenbacker 12 string, a great band and excellent songs made me an instant fan. I bought the first Greg Kihn record, told my friends and we became regulars at all their shows.My buddy bought a Rickenbacker 12 string and we started learning Greg Kihn songs in our garage band. I am really looking forward to this show.

  12. I’ve seen soooo many Kihn shows back in the day, almost what seems like weekly back then.. my first was Next of Kihn…

  13. Rockihnroll – I remember (barely, lol) seeing Greg Kihn open up for Blondie at the Santa Monica Civic back in 1981? The band ROCKS!

  14. I have seen the GKB over 50 times. I am very excited about the reunion show. My 1st album was the Naked Eye. I own all of Greg’s albums & would love to meet him!

  15. My first GKB album was “True Kihnfessions”. I like going to your concerts, including the Kihncert.But my favorite concerts were The Santa Cruz Boardwalk Friday night concerts on the beach. I am looking forward to the Catalyst GKB reunion show, and hopefully meet the original GKB musicians face to face. It’s going to be a fun gig! I haven’t bought “Best Of Beserkley” CD yet, so it would be nice to get an autographed copy at the Catalyst.I listen to your morning show faithfully every week. ~RD

  16. As I recall I purchased Next of Kihn and Greg Kihn Again at the same time at Rather Ripped or Rasputins in Berkeley. I know I had them before Oct ’79, as the first time I saw GKB was in the back yard of a fraternity in Berkeley. I took the LPs to a show, and somehow got into the house, and found where the band was dressing (or whatever…) passed them through the door and they came back autographed. I know it was October, as Greg stuck his head out the window of the frat house and informed the crowd that Pittsburgh beat Baltimore in the series game that night (which I am sure did not please Greg). Oh yeah, and Huey Lewis and the American Express opened for GKB that night. Looking forward to Saturday.

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