Win a Black Fender Acoustic Guitar Autographed by Greg Kihn

Greg Kihn GuitarI want to celebrate the launch of the new and I want you to have the chance to win something very cool.

So, I am giving away a black Fender acoustic guitar. I will be autographing the guitar during rehearsals for my 2011 shows.


Here is how the contest works…

1. To enter you must register with and leave a comment on this post.
2. Only ONE entry per person, multiple entries will be disqualified.
3. The email you enter when you register must be valid, that is how we will contact you if you win.
4. All entries in the contest acknowledge that your email will be added to the email list. You are free to unsubscribe at any time.
5. Contest is open to US residents only, age 18 or over.
6. No purchase is required.
7. We will select a winner on May 27, 2011.
8. Winner will be notified by email. If the winner does not acknowledge winning the contest in 48 hours, we will select a new winner.

And finally, answer this question for me, “What is your favorite song on Kihnplete?”

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207 Responses to "Win a Black Fender Acoustic Guitar Autographed by Greg Kihn"

  1. I’m signed up. A signed guitar would be awesome. Lots of great songs on Kihnplete, but I’ll go with the song that has one of the greatest riffs of all time; The Breakup Song ( studio )

  2. Next to meeting you, a guitar would be awseome ! My favorite song on KIHNPLETE has one of the greatest riffs of all time; The Breakup Song ( studio )

  3. I gotta go with that one that Weird Al did, then you came along and made it better… uh, Jeopardy, that’s the one!

  4. I would love to be considered to win this Fender acustic. Its a beautiful machine with lovley sound capabilities. thanks for entering me and Thank you Greg Kihn for your creativity and sharing your creations with us all thse years. Peace always

  5. Remember and The Breakup Song are my favorite songs, I couldn’t just decide on one song. Since I’m a big fan of GKB, I’d like to win this beautiful guitar. I enjoyed listening to GK on Live From Music City

  6. Favorite song on Kihnplete (with “Jeopardy” in close second) is: The Breakup Song! (What a fine tune!!) Hope to see you in the park in SJ in June. –MM

  7. My favorite is “The Break Up Song,” one of the first songs I attempted to learn when I first started playing guitar

  8. Would love to win this guitar! Just lost a job, then took a job making half of what I was making before, and my 25 year old Seagull acoustic is shot, with no hope right now of getting another. this would be a great blessing for sure, and with Greg’s signature it would be just that much more sweeter!

  9. Breakup Song and Jeopardy Classics but Meeting you at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was AWESOME!! I hope to win the Guitar I am looking for MORE (I have 2 strat’s but I could use ONE MORE!!)

  10. Little Red Book (Live) Rocks!!! But Breakup Song is my fave. I have the first 3 LPs on vinyl.

    As Always, Stuck in the 80s.

  11. Greg.
    Have all your CD`s and Regret never getting to see you live…If I won the Guitar I would raffle it off to the highest bidder and try to have you play a gig close to NJ and have every GKB Fan who is on your e-mail list be able to attend….A Party/Concert just for US and YOU…
    Jim Simmons
    New Jersey…..

  12. I have been a huge fan of Greg Kihn and band since I first heard him on KSJO and KOME radio in the ’70’s. I saw him at my junior college in Fremont, a nightclub in ‘Frisco, and my university in Rolla, Missouri. I am really glad to see Grag so active again. I look forward to a new tour – with a stop in Saint Louis.

  13. I’d love the guitar with your autograph as a gift for my son. Love you tunes, and of course The Break Up Song is on my iPod playlist of the best of best of rock.

  14. Have all your Cd’s, love Horror Show, favorite song on the new album is the Breakup Song. Would love to win guitar.

  15. Yo Dude – Been coming to the KihnCert for years – Really enjoy your show, Kinda miss Chris – Rock on

  16. Glad to see your site is on WordPress, and I wanna win that Guitar! Saw you at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz in ’78, huge fan ever since!

  17. Leaving a comment like you asked. I adore this beauty of a guitar. Greg Kihn, help a guy out. Slide me that geetar! Keep writin’ and a-singin’!

    Don W. 3

  18. Greg, saw the shows dozens of times back in the 70s–the Catalyst, the daytime show at Valencourt Plaza that KSAN aired… good times indeed. You’ve always been the man.

  19. Every day I see a little more of my world changing. Music is like old friends. Remind me of good times. I look forward to see you perform some day. Take care from Seattle.

  20. What can you do with small change? I don’t know but I do know what I could do with that sweet guitar. Thanks for all the great music Greg.

  21. Been a long time fan – Fav song – Breakup Song of course – in fact it is one of our fan favs in our band!

  22. I love Remember. It is haunting and beautiful. i think it would be a great song in a chick flick or a war movie! The Break Up Song and Jeopardy… just plain fun!

  23. A free guitar signed by Greg would be soooooooo sweeeeet a fender wow , the best made guitar in the world , signed by one of the original American Idols … that would just make my day …..

  24. My fave on Kihnplete is Thunder Road. I always loved the Springsteen songs For You and Rendezvous that you did better than Springsteen himself!!! 🙂

  25. It would be great to win an autographed guitar from Greg Kihn. I really like your music. the new song is really good. I think the breakup song is one of my favorite all time songs to listen to

  26. I used to have a complete run of your albums 1976 through about 1986. Any chance they’ll be reissued in the USA on CD? And I vote for The Break Up Song….

  27. A fan of the Greg Kihn band (over the top devout fan for five years). Went to about 50 shows. Bought all the records. I had a photo of the GKBand on the inside of my locker door at ECHS. I am now a doctor at a psychiatric hospital.
    Favorite songs: Chinatown and GKB’s rendition of Sweet Jane. Good memories of Keystone in Berkeley and a few other gigs (eg, Winterland when they opened for Tom Petty Dec ??1979??). Lots of photos tucked away. . . and a paper I wrote for an english class after seeing Greg and Dave C. on Bancroft one day when walking with my friend Susan. RIP Dave and Susan. Rocking out in heaven.

  28. I have been a fan since the 70’s saw you at UCD, UCB, UCLA…. and we share the same birthday but a different year. Several photos of you guys playing in those venues too. Not able to see you now since I no longer live in CA. My favorite is The Breakup Song.

  29. Met you in Livermore at one of your gigs with Ry in the band. Still have your autographed picture in the music studio. Would love to win this guitar from you – would make a fantastic present for my wife Katie.

  30. Greetings from Helmand, Afghanistan. I’ve been a Khinspiracy nut since the beginning. If I win the guitar, I’ll record a GK song with it right here in the Stan!

  31. My kids are always bugging me to let them use my acustic guitar since I regulary borrow their strats but I never say yes. I would love to say “sorry kids, its autographed’ when they ask, and they would.

  32. Have been a long time fan, seen 100 concerts, did the Kihn Cruise, own a Vox XII Phantom, and would love to team it up with the Fender (imagine the offspring). Always Keep Rockin!!!

  33. I’m a long-time fan. Have all the LPs and CDs. Including live radio broadcasts from LPs on ebay. I was just listening through the catalog yesterday at work, and thinking to myself, why doesn’t anybody make music like this anymore? Dave Carpender was the best; RIP, Dave. You were a huge influence on my lead guitar playing style. Favorite songs? Hard to say…Moulin Rouge (live), Beside Myself, Madison Avenue, Museum, Night After Night… many great songs….thanks, Greg, and keep on going! P.S. really enjoyed your novels, too.

  34. NickAndMattysMom · Edit

    My son is in love with the guitar. He’s 10 and we share a love of rock and roll!! Would love to win the guitar for him.

  35. Hey Greg,
    I have been a fan from way back.
    Love to hear you on the radio when I lived in the Bay Area, wish we can get you in Boulder, CO.
    Keep on rockin’

  36. It would be way cool to win this guitar! I was so happy when Greg contacted me out of the blue, I had lost touch. The Break Up song is the best!!

  37. What an awesome contest! Both my kids would love this (well, me too!) – Thank you for offering it up – My favorite song is the Break Up song –

  38. Remember, is my favorite song. great guitar work, a bit of jazz and rock kihn roll.
    Gregs honesty, love of music and people comes through loud and clear. It is a
    pleaseure listening to him, he just seems to be like a family member even though
    I have never met him. Best wishes.

  39. The Break Up Song (Live)!! It is Awesome!!!!!!
    I’m taking guitar lessons, wow what better way to learn then on a new guitar signed by Greg!!!!


  40. Greg:

    What is happening with all of your wonderful Beserkeley material? I would kill to have those albums on CD! Your material needs to be heard a younger audience because that is the only way that they will know how great you are!

    1. There is a really good Beserkley Records compilation available on CD. It may be difficult to find, but I would check Amazon. I have the 2-CD set and have turned my sons onto Greg K and the entire Beserkley family through this CD set.

      Here, I found it on Amazon:

      Product Details
      Audio CD (April 17, 2000)
      Number of Discs: 2
      Format: Import
      Label: Castle
      ASIN: B00004RCDT

      Check out: Madison Avenue by GKB !!!!

  41. Hey Greg!

    How about a traditional cd set of Kihnplete for us dinosaurs?

    Best song on the set – The Breakup Song

  42. My favorite song isn’t on the cd……………. :=( You left out Roadrunner!!! I guess it would have to be Renezvous! Rock on Greg…Can Hardly wait for June 2nd! And what a perfect gift for my future son-in-law…He builds guitars in Santa Cruz for a living…This would be a sweet surprise for him!

  43. I wish you had put DESIRE ME on this compilation….that was the first Kihn song I ever heard! But here’s another vote for Breakup Song!!!!!!!!!

  44. My vote for best of Kihnplete is off the beaten path… I *really* like “Blood Red Rose (Acoustic)”. It’s just a lot of fun. Runners up (also all acoustic, oddly enough) are: “Horror Show”, “JFK” and “The Anniversary of My Broken Heart”.

  45. The Breakup song, you should really consider playing at the 2011 Redwood Run this year it’s at bowmans campground this year at the Mendocino , Humbolt county line and Highway 101. June 10,11,12. It’s the party of the year!! It would be the perfect place to sign and give that guitar to me !! 🙂

  46. Like Greg K. I want to know that being 50 does not mean that you still can not rock and roll all day and night long. The new Geeetar, would be a treat and the lessons would count as “cardiac Rehab” As I am just out of Hospital for a major heart surgery and need to increase my activity just about the time I will be ready. (music sooths the heart/soul) thanx for the chance.

  47. Well one of my all time favorites is not on this, it is Remember. From Next of Kihn. I guess my favorite would be Rendezvous or the Breakup Song. The Breakup Song is the song that got me to listen in the first place. Then I went to see you play a couple of times at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park, and at Emerald City and a few other places in the 80’s. I even gave you a black and white drawing that I did of you. I think it was at Emerald City with Joan Jett. I would love it if you came back and did a show somewhere in NJ again… It’s a long way but it would be cool!

  48. I’d love seeing Greg come to Atlanta again soon – one of the “Ancestral Homes of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”
    Love “Another Girl, Another Planet,” especially from KBFH CD.

  49. Greg, I’d love to win this guitar. My late son, Philip, learned to play ‘The Break Up Song’ and had taught me the chords. This would be a way for me to continue his wonderful memory by playing it on a guitar signed by the Kihnpletely awesome Greg Kihn.

  50. I have always loved your music so much. You our right up there at the top of my Favs. Nice Guitar would love to have it. Hope to catch you on tour in 2011. Thanks for doing this cool give away. Rick

  51. whoops misplelled “are” before the word “right” after “you”. Hmmm maybe you can fix it in moderation.

  52. Ok I need this guitar like McCartney needed Lennon, Like Jagger needed Richards, Like Elvis needed Axton, Kile Leiber needed Stoller needed Leiber, Like Fred needed Ginger, Like Bogart needed Bacall, Like Kihn needed Wright. Like we all need a Pre-Beserkly set sitting beside the Post-Beserkly set.

    Fav tune on the post set- Wild in Love with You.

    But “Little Red Book” & “Another Girl, Another Planet” would be a tie for the cover tunes.
    Very wise choices ther my friend. Keep it up….

  53. I really like Another Girl , Another Planet, but my favorite is The Breakup Song. I mean it’s a classic.

  54. My favorite song on Kihnplete is “Remember”..but I love “Love and Rock’n’Roll”, too.

    I would LOVE to win this guitar to give it to my brother. I first took him to see you play in 1980 and we stood in awe of Carpender’s fretwork. Man, we miss him….

  55. Hi Greg… A fan since the 80’s watching you play around the bay….
    would love to win this for my son!… Favorite song The Breakup song…

  56. Can’t wait to move back CA. I really miss listening to Greg Kihn in the morning.
    This fender will be a good match for my Fender T-Bucket 🙂

  57. been listening to you for as long as I can remember…… OBTW did I mention I have been listening to you since I can remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. rock n roll papa · Edit

    I have been a fan and loyal listener for many years now. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of rock and roll with us. My 2 year old grandson loves to listen already. The other day he says,” hey papa, I have an idea!” When I said what is your idea he says ” lets go in papas truck and listen to papas rock n roll!” He received a toy guitar on Christmas and loves to play it. It would be pretty special to be able to teach him how to play for real with an autographed Greg Kihn Fender acoustic. I still have my Stella acoustic that I learned on when I was 8 that I will let him learn on. What would be even better is to have the guitar and have a lesson or two from you when he is old enough to play it! Finally I have to say my favorite song has to be The Breakup Song. Thanks again for all you do.

  59. Truely enjoyed your interview on Stuck In The 80’s and miss hearing you on the radio since I have moved to the East Coast. Fav song will have to be “The Break Up Song”. Jeopardy is a family favorite. Keep on – Keeping On!

  60. I’ve been a fan since Kihnspiracy, I loved Kihnsolidation, and I appreciate the album titles too.

    I can’t play guitar, but I’d buy a bigger glass-top table to display this under.

  61. Saw you in 1983 in Disney World for Grad Night.
    Was You, Night Ranger and I think The Dazz Band….. an a few others…..
    The Break Up Song was all over the radio in Pittsburgh just as I was a senior in High School and graduating. Went and bought the 45. The Break Up Song (She Dont Write Em) on one side and When The Music Starts on the other side….

    Went to Disney World on my Senior trip and as a small town country kid from the outskirts of Pittsburgh was thrilled when we got there that they were gonna have rock bands let alone Greg Kihn!

    Stood thru 2 of your performances. Think I checked out Night Ranger in between your sets came back to your stage and didnt watch anyone else.

    Came home and bought Rockihnroll
    I also have the 45 of Jeoprady with the B side Fascination…
    Both 45’s on Beserkley… Was like 16 when I bought and Im now almost 46 and I still have em!.

    Been a fan since….

    Hate to sound cliche but The Break Up Song is my all time fav… Its just ingrained into my being and it takes me back everytime I hear it on the radio…. Thats when music was fun.. Radio was fun.. Albums and 45’s were fun…. Its not the same today….

    Glad your still around man…. you inspired me to pick up the guitar and write and sing.
    Always have a special place in my heart!


    1. I still have The Breakup Song on 45 too – great stuff. Thanks for reminding me to turn it over and listening to When the Music Starts! Nice post.

  62. Greg, I’ve been a fan of yours ever since I can remember. I’m 46 now.. I learned how to play guitar when I was 14 years old and have been playing ever since. I have every single release you have ever made and recently purchased your dvd video collection. You’re the best and thank you for releasing your recent compilation. I bought it the day it came out on iTunes.

  63. Been a big fan and was greatful for the oppertunity he did by calling into the station i work for and talking about his life and career. Thanks Greg.

  64. Hey Greg, great connecting with you again. I was one of the original staff at BAM when we rolled-out the first issue in January 1976. Hung out with you at concerts, the Bammies and softball games. Winning the guitar would be fantastic! Keep on Rockin’!

    1. DanaPointJohn: I have framed my original copy of the BAM Awards nomination sheet! It was a matter of pride for us in the Bay Arera to have our OWN music community acknowledged by the music world. Bay Area music was dynamic! Now I am in St. Louis and the music scene is nothing like I was used to in the Bay Area. Glad to hear you were part of the BAMMIES…

  65. I remember seeing Greg Kihn in Northern California in the late 70’s, early 80’s, when rock was ROCK! My all time favorite is The Break Up Song!

    Thank you Greg for all the great memories and all the great music. On my bucket list is to meet you someday.

  66. ooooooooooo…Me Me Me! Pick Me! Loved you in San Jose and now loving you in Springfield Ohio. Keep Rockin’! And get those Sharks in gear!

  67. I love you Greg Kihn! I met you back in 1984 at a Dan Nelson Productions event where I got a hug out of you! I was working for his brother Joel Nelson at the time so I got a VIP pass. An awsome memory. I would cherish this autographed guitar, so I hope I get “LUCKY”!!! 🙂

  68. … autographed Fender … what’s not to like about that !!! … my fav is “girl most likely” … way to keep on keepin’ on Greg … signed, a kihndred spirit …

  69. Greg was on our local radio station a while back and now they no longer Broadcast your show would love you back on the radio in our area, (FOX radio Rapid City)

  70. While we’ve never met… we go back a long way- to the days of vinyl and cassettes, and the early days of cd. As much as that guitar would be great- I would trade it for a show here in the midwest…

  71. You Rock Greg! I know Robert Berry a little bit he is the producer of thre of my friends: Aprylle Gilbert, Michelle Chappel and Anna Taylor. You work with the best. I love all of your stuff. Madison Avenue Man is one of my favorites.

  72. My brothers and I broke a table at our grandmother’s house dancing around to The Breakup Song when we were teens. That song will always have a soft spot in my heart – thank you Greg Kihn.

    P.S. If I win the guitar, I would play it. It’s too beautiful.

  73. I have two kids, they both love music and playing the guitar. This would look great next to the others. Thank you for this chance!

  74. Nice to see the new website up and running! I’ve been playing my (old?) GK vinyl recently, and I always wondered what happened to that yellow VW Bug on the cover of the “Greg Kihn Band album? And Spitballs? What a great record. I saw the Spitball shows in SF and again in Fremont and still have some great pictures. Is your Vox Phantom 12-string still in play?

    Favorite song on Kihnplete? The Breakup Song will always be special, but Remember is the jewel I want to hear at closing time!

  75. Greg, thanx for keeping it real! You’re the man! If I win the axe, I’ll write a song on it just for you. Keep on man, rock n roll forever!

  76. I have enjoyed your music for more than 30 years now. The Breakup Song is one of my all-time favorite songs–by any artist–I have it on a 45 r.p.m. single, the Rockihnroll album, and on various CDs (I even bought the Kihnsolidation CD twice after I loaned my original to someone with whom I worked and she never returned it before she moved away in 2001) .

    The song came out when I was in high school–those memories left an indelible print upon my life. Consequently, it is my favorite song on the new Kihnplete boxed set–of the two versions, I like the live one because of the energy behind it. My 6th grade son & my 5th grade daughter both now love the song too.

    My wife & both looked at each other and smiled when recently, while stopped at a traffic light, they were sharing one of their mp3 players and listening via earbuds when suddenly they started belting out the lyrics to The Breakup Song in the heretofore quiet car–We then all started singing. Sorry for the lengthy comment…I’ll be quiet for now.

    Kind Regards,


  77. Hey Man, still got your vinyl, I listen to your radio show out here in Nohwer Arkansas, when the atmospherics allow it, lately its been the threat of the Levee breakin, you ought to cover that tune, do Zeplin proud, anyway, “Jeopardy” still rocks, went back around Chicago for a funeral, saw one of my Bass playin buds, we were reminiscing, he’s playin in a band doin some of your songs. band is called “Old’s Cool”, play on “Oldschool”, so yeah we’re old, but that’s cool. Keep rockin Brother. We aint dead yet. Do some Blues man, you’re a walkin talkin Rock and Roll Library, do a timeline or somethin. You got the credentials and still ROCK. Give Bonamassa some schoolin.
    Greg RN

  78. Favorite show…SF’s Embarcadero Plaza…right up front and got the best photos of the band…I can post later…Now I’m a 47 year old mom of two adult kids who love the old stories of growing up in the Bay Area back in the day. Couldn’t ask for more…

  79. Loved the late night radio show. Don’t get to hear ya anymore here in Tennessee. You really have had a great career. Hope ya all the best and Keep rocking.

  80. I like “Little Red Book” from “Kihnplete”. I’ll be lookin forward to seeing you in Modesto this year!!!!

  81. “Kihntinued” success in all you do. Our paths crossed a few times in our “former lives”.
    You remain one of the best and still an inspiration. Peace Within.

  82. “The Break Up Song” was one of the first songs we did as DEADBUBBLES also did “Roadrunner” Kihn style…!

    Thanx for ALL the great music!

  83. Still a fan since I bought the record, “Jeopardy.” with my own chore money. 🙂 My favorite songs are “Remember” & “Horror Show.”

  84. How about this one…..first date with my wife was your awesome show at UC Davis in the fall of ’81. Thanks for ALL the great shows at the Stone, Keystone Palo Alto, Keystone Berkeley, and wherever else we tracked you down back then. I can still here it now “…back on the drums…the amazing Larry Lynch….over here on lead wenie…Dave the Rave Carpender ” — great times, thanks

    1. KevMan: Funny that you mention the first date with your wife was at a GKB concert. My first date EVER at age 21 was at a GKB concert at Ohlone College in Fremont, CA. I learned the hard way that when your friends come up to talk to you, you should introduce to them your date. Boy, did I ever get a lecture after that show !!!! I learned, though; I learned….

  85. Great site! Love to listen to your nighttime show, on locally. Hope to win the guitar. Favorite song on Kihnplete is The Breakup song”

  86. Greg, I love your music, and your radio show. I hope to see you guys 6/2 in San Jose. I would love to hear Madison Avenue Man live again.

  87. Being a Scotsman I Kihnay (cannae) believe I could own a Greg Kihn Guitar.

    Favourite song on “Kinplete” is Anastasia.

    All the best with the 2011 tour, maybe we’ll see you in the U.K. once more, here’s hoping.

  88. I love how you used your last name in most if not all your album titles. Yes i have a bunch of them as well as CD’s. Thanks for all the great music. I love the song Jeopardy.


  90. Wish I was back in California! But the guitar would be a nice reminder of the old days and all the GKB gigs I enjoyed. I’ve always loved “Remember”, and the live version you gave away was terrific! (Loved the “Spinal Tap” reference!)

  91. great site, have listened to your for years. Love guitars, have a few fenders. Love “The Breakup Song” studio version. Keep on making the air waves fun. Many thanks.

  92. I was a avid listener to your show on WOLF radio. The airwaves are dead without it. I was told by the station mgr. that you no longer do the show, but other posts here mention current radio shows. So …just wondering about that. Sure miss the show in the U.P. Best wishes.

  93. We have three guitar players in the family so this will give us something new to fight over. My favorite song is Jepordy

  94. My college boyfriend (now husband of 29 years!) and I saw you and your band many times at UC Santa Cruz and The Catalyst during the late 70’s and early 80’s. Your music literally defined our relationship and we continue to be huge fans. What a wonderful piece of sentimental memorabilia it would be for us to have your guitar!

  95. Grew up in California. Seen Greg Kihn several times
    Mountain Aire in 1979 and the Bay Area.
    Currently live in Maryland
    I play Guitar
    Favorite song. Little Red Book

  96. I kihn’t decide! Favorite song means only “one” song?! wtf?! Its not “Kihnplete” without “Someday”! Oh well. I figured I’d go “old school” when Tower Records were everywhere before Starbucks took over the planet. Tower used to have a kewl in-store rag that featured “Desert Island Disc” column where readers can submit their favorite records (remember vinyl?) if you were stranded on an island. I’d also take a hard cover copy of “Horror Show”!

    its ok to cry when you are in jeopardy stranded on an island praying to be rescued and to be reunited with anastasia…I thought I was a happy man once rescued but I guess it was only imitation love since she serenaded the breakup song while I laid there in the empty hospital room. I got lucky at least I still have my little red book and set up a rendezvous with anna belle lee!

    Oh ok- I guess I have to go with “Lucky” as my all time favorite song from Kihnplete…

  97. I knew who my new hero was the first time I heard your radio show. I listened every single day because I could not wait to hear what your stories were going to entail. The first thing I am going to do with the new guitar I win is attempt to learn to play disc 2 of your new compilation cd. I really like the song “Noa Noa” off of that disc.
    Keep Rockin Hard

  98. I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite song from Kihnplete…they are all pretty great for listening to whilst on the treadmill..makes an hour fly by. In the car, in the kitchen and drinking wine with the besties!
    Timeless rock!! We love you in Utah….still!!

  99. When I was a dj for our high school radio station back in the 80’s, I played your songs “The Breakup Song” and “Jeopardy” on my radio shows regularly. Hearing those songs transports me back in time to some good memories and you just can’t help but to sing along. (those are my 2 favorites, btw)

    My 12 year old has taught himself to play the guitar over this past year and he is amazing! He plays everything from Rush, to Greenday to Queensryche to Mercy Me. He is so gifted…..I would LOVE to surprise him with this guitar.

    Thanks for sharing your music, Greg!

  100. musicjunkiepress · Edit

    From long ago to now… Greg Kihn has been one of my long time faves. Now that I have a 13 year old son it is awesome to pass on the torch of my LPs and CDs. Watching my son Ryan be in awe as he listens to the “breakup song” and then “jeopardy” and Reunited”. LOVE You guys!!!

  101. At 24 years old, being a chick who wasn’t allowed loud instruments as a child, I’ve been pining to start learning to play guitar. This would be my first. To have it autographed by the guy who’s unknowingly supported my late night thinking and driving habit would be stellar. 🙂

  102. Gregster, Have always loved your tunes, Jeopardy is a killer song, but I gotta give a shout out for The Breakup Song…I hear that on my radio, and the volume gets doubled or tripled instantly!!!! A true classic, and easily one of the best rock tunes ever.

    Now, for the guitar, not just ANY guitar, but one signed by Greg Kihn??? Oh geez, now talk about a sweet contest, that would be an honor to own that six string!!!!!

    Keep on rockin, Greg, you are still one of the best!!!!!


  103. met u backstage in 1980 — shook your hand and swore I’d never wash it (but I did eventually)… we’ll have a rendezvous…. great song….now I listen to you on 98.5….have all your novels too…u rock!

  104. Good Evening Greg,
    The ‘Breakup Song’ remains one of my favorites. I remember your comment about the English language heading for the shoals after playing it next to ‘De Do Do Do’ on a bay area station that is long gone.

    I saw you a dozen times or over the following summer and enjoyed every show. I was less successful in meeting young women at the shows but I did meet a few.

    Thanks for the music,

  105. “For you”, of course. Saw 19 shows by my count at the Old Waldorf etc. Best show line up Rubinoos opening for GKB, Then either Little Roger and the Dots or Peal Harbour and the Explosions. Wish I could go back in time…

    1. 28IF: Thanks for mentioning the Old Waldorf! I was telling my sons about seeing Greg there and could not remember the name of the club. It was one of those shows where everyone was dancing, but I stood right in front of the stage at 6’8″ tall and stared at the band in awe of the musicianship. A pretty girl asked me why I wasn’t dancing. Instead of taking this as a hint to dance with her, I stupidly replied that I was too in awe of the band to dance. Missed the chance to strike up a good conversation with a pretty girl for the first and only time in my life. I learned, though; I learned…

  106. Come and play in Sacramento Greg. You haven’t been here since your last book signing. I still love The Break-Up Song. My all-time favorite song of yours, though, is Sorry.

  107. You know, the Breakup Song started it for me; yet, I found that, in concert, the quality of musicianship of all the bandmembers made the music good and the show exciting! Greg Kihn put on such awesome shows that enjoyed every single concert that I attended, and I saw him a few times. The music was fun, the crowd engaged, the atmosphere electric, and the memories unfading. Greg, I am glad that you are active and going out on the road again. I look forward to your new music and revisiting the music of your past catalog.

  108. Another commenter reminded me that I saw you at Grad Nite 1983 in Disneyland. Believe Berlin and The Gap band also played, but you were definitely my fave.

    1. As for my FAV song~ The Break Up Song~ You’ve been a huge part of our lives every weeknight from 5:00-9:00~ Love your stories!

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