The San Francisco 49ers are going to the NFC Championship Game! They beat the Green Bay Packers and are now only one win away from the Super Bowl! The 49ers’s Colin Kaepernick ran for 181 yards, setting a new NFL record for Quarterbacks. He racked up 400 yards of total offense and looked great on the field. He was fantastic! They are were- Michael Crabtree, Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, the Entire Offensive line, the Defense, whole team shined! We watched every play of that game, cheering our heads off; in fact, I’m a little hoarse today.

We will be playing the Atlanta Falcons who just nipped their way into the Championship Game with a last second win over Seattle.

I called my sister and brother-in-law in Baltimore just after the Baltimore Ravens finished their miracle win over the Denver Broncos. That one went into double overtime and the Ravens pulled it out on the road, what an exciting day! They were going crazy back in Baltimore.

This has been the best round of playoff football I’ve seen in years. Every game went down to the wire. There were miracles left and right. I am wrung out emotionally!

Skyler Turtle had the good sense to purchase a 49er’s Gold Nugget Hat for the game- to become a “Nugget Head” for the team. He successfully offset the Cheeseheads for Green Bay. Every time we needed a clutch play, the chant would go up around the room, “Nug-get! Nug-get! Nug-get!” the Nugget Hat would go on, the 49ers would make a great play! I scoffed at the power of the Nugget Hat early in the game, but I must say, in the final analysis, the damn thing worked! I even wore it myself a couple of times.

All they have to do is win next weekend and they are in the Super Bowl!

All I can say is GO 49ER’S!