On this date in GKB History in 1982 we appeared on one of our favorite TV shows- Solid Gold!  We appeared on Solid Gold a least a dozen times over the years.  My guys always loved being on that show!  Why?  The world famous Solid Gold Dancers!  They were hot!  Remember the brunette?  I flirted shamelessly, we all did.  If you look at the videos of us on the show you’ll see a lot of smiling faces and wandering eyes!  Oh, well, we were young.  They had a fabulous black dancer who usually danced lead in the routines and everybody was in love with her.  We stared.  Of course we stared.  How could we not?  She was a Nubian Goddess!  Here’s the punch line- she had a jealous husband who always lorded over here, watching her like a hawk- and watching us horny young white guys like a flock of pigeons.  The dude was big too, very intimidating!

Also on this date in 1983 we won a bunch of awards at the Bammies including Musician Of The Year.  I always felt a little self concsious about that since I only know a handful of chords.  Usually they give Musician of the Year to guys like Carlos Santana and Jerry Garcia- not 3 chord men like me!  But what the hell!  I was into it!  1983 was the year we won best song (Jeopardy) best album (Kihntagious) and the coveted Musician of the year!  I was partying so hard that I could barely stand when they called me back to the stage at the end of the night.

Pat Johnson captured the moment at the 1983 Bammies with Sammy Hagar, Neil Young, Joe Satriani, me, John Fogarty, and Buck Owens!  Talk about a rogues gallery!