The-Beatles-Rubber-Soul1Things are REALLY getting hot and heavy with the new novel RUBBER SOUL. First of all, let me tell you. Editing is never done! It seems like no matter how many times this thing has been gone over, and no matter how many so called professional editors have read it, corrected it, trimmed it, shaved it, massaged it, and softened it with Neatsfoot Oil, there are still mistakes. They hide in between the lines and come out when you’re sleeping. I swear, I have personally gone over this manuscript at least a half dozen times plus the time I wrote it, and I still find mistakes. It’s driving me crazy. But this one is for the ages. If a mistake gets past me now, it’s in there for all eternity. Anyway, we are up to page 400 fixing the last of the last of the Mohicans with my faithful agent hacking away next to me with a machete. We thought we’d be done by now.

But, I gotta tell ya, I never get tired of working on it. I can’t wait to start everyday. When this book’s finally over it will leave a huge empty hole in my day.

It’s karmic too. I am convinced that after all this time and all this heartbreak, losing my job, having to reinvent myself yet again; this time I got it right. And maybe it was all just to get here and do this. I couldn’t have written this book without those 17 years of waking up at 3:45am and driving to KFOX every day. Just like I couldn’t have had the career I had at KFOX without being a professional musician for twenty years in the 70’s and 80’s. One thing led to another. It was all interconnected. This seems like the next logical step. I suddenly had this big chunk of time on my hands, and I thought- hmm, maybe it’s time to write a book.

Ever since I left KFOX I have been on a spiritual journey. I’ve been thinking a lot about what is really important in this world. I’ve learned a lot about myself. I realize that I can’t go back, I have to move forward.

Working on RUBBER SOUL every day has been therapeutic. I’ve grown as a writer and as a human being.

Next up is the audiobook for RUBBER SOUL. I’ve never done an audiobook before but it seems pretty easy. It’s a lot like radio. The microphones goes on, you talk. The microphone goes off, you stop talking. Actually I can’t wait. I’ve been working on my Liverpool accent for the audiobook by watching HARD DAYS NIGHT over and over again.