The NEW Greg Kihn Show, Totally Revamped! Episode 36


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NEW Greg Kihn ShowSegment 1-Welcome back
A-Where we’ve been
B-The studio move
C-What to expect from now onSegment 2-Make A Wish Charity Event
A-Good cause / what the event is about
B-Great venue / the drive up
C-Hanging at the country club bar watching the games eating potato chips
D-Meeting Clint and George
E-The auction and prizes
F-The Show / George coming up on stage

Segment 3-Back In Beserkley
A-Intro and background Joel

Segment 4-Weekend update
B-Going anywhere
C-Doing anything

Wrap up!

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One Response to "The NEW Greg Kihn Show, Totally Revamped! Episode 36"

  1. The new format is fine, (Yes, I was skipping through songs I’m already familiar with), but a LITTLE music, that’s relevant to the show, would be welcomed. For example, on Episode 36 you are talking about a song that George Lopez sang (Happy Man), and you said “we have it right here on vinyl”.

    THAT would be an appropriate place to play (just a portion) of that song, so we can relate, think about what George Lopez would look like singing along, and get a feeling for what is being discussed. That’s where playing music HELPS the dialogue, and is relevant to the story being told.

    The problem with the old format was the songs were just played with no tie-in to the story telling, and they were songs we know well in most cases…

    love you Greg!

    p.s. Miss waking up with you every morning, but I hear Chris Jackson has taken your place!
    You should talk about that in an upcoming show. I know you may not want to give KFOX free press, but hey, it’s your friend Chris. He deserves a shout-out for taking your spot, 5-9 am!!

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