9kg7ha5nq55pysxfnxxtThe Voice of the San Jose Sharks Dan Rusanowsky is a friend of mine. He does a great job in what has got to be the toughest job in sports- play by play in the NHL. The action moves super fast, so it impossible to explain every move, the names are extremely difficult to pronounce, and the line shifts come at the blink of an eye and suddenly you’ve got a whole new team on the ice. I have the utmost respect for Dan and all the Sharks announcers: Jamie Baker (the perfect wing man for Dan) the all-pro Randy Hahn, the smooth-headed Drew Remenda who makes it possible even for an idiot like me to understand. They are all great.

The team has been on a losing streak lately. It’s painful to watch. I know those guys take it personally, after all this is their livelihood. Every loss hurts. I know each guy is probably wearing his lucky socks and other personal voodoos, but for some reason, right now- NOTHING WORKS.

Let’s just keep up a positive attitude and look ahead. Smarter guys than us think about this all the time. Maybe we’re about to turn the corner into a big fat win streak!