The first Greg Kihn album has been re-released after a million years (and this time maybe I’ll make money on it!)

Here’s what iTunes had to say about it:

“This record has it all: good songs (mostly written by Kihn) with strong vocals and tight harmonies. If you only know Kihn from the hits, you owe it to yourself to go back and track this record down. If you’re only just discovering him, start here and grow with the band. “

I was born in a one-room shack on the wrong side of railroad tracks in Baltimore.   My first album came out in 1933, during the Great Depression.  Oh, wait a minute, that was Woody Guthrie…  Sorry.  Now that I think about it my first album came out in 1976… I think.  Jeez, it’s been so long I don’t really remember.  I do remember going into the huge CBS Studios on Folsom Street in San Francisco and setting up our meager equipment in the corner of the room and it looked so puny in the giant gymnasium-sized room.

Beserkley Records had just been created (because nobody else wanted us!) and we had just put out Beserkley Chartbusters Vol 1 the year before.  We called it Volume 1 even though we knew there would never be a second volume.  Beserkley was a tiny label with no money.  Our labelmates EARTHQUAKE put out a live album recorded at the Keystone called Rockin’ The World.  We purchased the tapes to Jonathon Richman’s original MODERN LOVERS from Warner Brothers.  They sold Beserkley the tapes for chump change and we put that out right away.  The third album released by Beserkely was my first album, simply titled GREG KIHN.  In fact that was Beserkley’s first studio recorded exclusively for Beserkley.

We recorded it after hours at CBS Folsom Street in San Francsico- a very historic studio where so many hall of fame albums had been cut.  Glen Kolotkin and Mathew Kaufman produced it.  We didn’t even have a full time lead guitarist yet- Robbie Dunbar from EARTHQUAKE filled in.  We were so poor that I personally shrink-wrapped all those early albums myself in the back room of RATHER RIPPED RECORDS, where Gary Phillips and I had day jobs.  In fact the album cover was shot in front of RATHER RIPPED while I was on break!

Now, after all these years, you can once again purchase all that great music.  This album has been out of print for decades and I am proud to re-release it again in 2012!  This is the first step to re-releasing the entire GKB catalogue- roughly one per month- until we’ve got ’em all.  My manager Joel and I have decided to put it all out.  Collectors beware!

These individual albums will be in digitally downloadable only, so you can go to iTunes and download it (with the original cover art!)  It’s so strange to hear these early songs again after all this time.  I was so freakin’ young!  So, on Tuesday of this week GREG KIHN was offically released and you can buy it now.  I should say here that I stand to make some money on this reissue.  Thank God.  I sure didn’t make beans the first time!

So, for all you diehard GKB fans- the wait is over!  Did I mention it only costs $9.90?  Yep, it’s priced to go.  Buy several copies.  I need the money.  Next month- our second album GREG KIHN AGAIN will be released!