Today is the anniversary of the “Paul McCartney is dead” rumor when a disk jockey in Detroit started it on the air in 1966.  Of course, it was completely ridiculous and Paul was not only alive, but he’s one of the two surviving members of the Beatles (the other being Ringo Starr) to this very day!  People found clues under every rock.  It was nuts.  Thank God it was just a rumor.

Ironically, I have a few dead guys in my own band- and that causes a pang in my heart everytime I think about those guys- Gary Phillips and Dave Carpender.

I will be on TV tomorrow afternoon- Wednesday- on the television show 7 Live! on ABC TV at  3:00 pm in San Francisco.  I have done this show before, and it’s always fun.  Brian Copeland hosts.  Oh, by the way, I’m going to say a secret message to Nate (my grandson) at some point during my interview.  I don’t know when, but it will be spontaneous.   I’m not even going to tell Brian ahead of time because he might nix it.  It is better to ask forgiveness that to ask permission, right?  Well, when it comes to my grandson, it is.

Anyway, I will be promoting my new CD boxed set KIHNPLETE and the release of my third novel on iTunes, MOJO HAND, digitally published by by MACMILLON, and you can dowload it anytime you want.   Did I say they were both available on iTunes?  They are.

I keep thinking about LOST HORIZON, having recently re-read the novel by James Hilton.  For some reason, I think it would make a great movie!  In the age of re-makes, it could be a classic.  It was originally made as a movie by Frank Capra in 1933, then as a musical in 1973, but that’s it.  If you want to read a wonderful story- try LOST HORIZON.  BTW- it was the world’s first paperback!