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The Ice Man Cometh

The Voice of the San Jose Sharks Dan Rusanowsky is a friend of mine. He does a great job in what has got to be the toughest job in sports- play by play in the NHL. The action moves ...

In the shower and in the car

I’ve been practising the National Anthem in the shower and in the car. I stopped at a light yesterday and somebody heard me and gave me a strange look- like they’d never ...

National Anthem

I will be singing the National Anthem at the Sharks game on Saturday March 3 vs. the St. Louis Blues at 7:30. As usual it will be SUPPORT THE TROOPS night at the Shark Tank and Operation ...

What A Weekend!

What A Weekend! by Greg Kihn A lot of stuff happened over  the weekend.  Some people got married some people died.  Let’s talk about the marriages first.  Gene Simmons ...

Greg Kihn Band Starts Rehearsals Today

Today the Greg Kihn Band rehearses.  I am going to try and whip up some of our older songs that we haven’t done in years like “For You” and “Happy man” ...
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