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Greg Kihn Band’s Robert Berry – 5 Rock Stars Perform Classic Holiday Concert for the Whole Family

December People: A big helping of Holiday Spirit ala Rock’n’Roll for the whole family!  Classic rock, classic Christmas…familiar yet totally unique.  This high-powered quintet ...

Rock & Roll Biographies

Let’s talk about rock and roll biographies. I’ve been reading a lot and here is my list of the top ones: 1. Life by Keith Richards- Keith is very soulful and tells his ...
Greg Kihn, Bruce Cohm Carlos Reyes at BR Cohn Fall Festival

More About the B.R. Cohn Fall Festival Event

More about the BR Cohn Event: I didn’t get a chance to thank everybody for last weekend.  First and foremost, I would like to thank Bruce Cohn, owner of BR Cohn Winery and ...
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Witnessed by a handful of people backstage

The most inspiring moment at this year’s BR Cohn Winery Fall Music Festival didn’t even happen on stage.  In fact it was only witnessed by a handful of people backstage ...
Greg Kihn at B.R. Cohn

Greg Kihn to Perform at the 25th Annual B. R. Cohn Charity Fall Music Festival

Hey Gang, I’m very honored to participate in the 25th Annual B.R. Cohn Charity Fall Music Festival, September 24 & 25, 2011, in Glen Ellen.  I’ll be performing on only September ...
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