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beserkley house

The old Beserkley house/headquarters

I’ve been thinking a lot about the early Beserkley days lately.  Visiting the old Beserkley house/headquarters at the corner of Spruce and Eunice in Berkeley really brought back ...

Good-bye John! God, I miss you!

I want to thank everyone who showed up on Sunday for the John Doukas memorial concert.  It was very emotional.  You could really feel John’s spirit in the room.  It was ...

More about the John Doukas Memorial

Earthquake in their prime at Winterland! More about the John Doukas Memorial: People are coming from all over the world for the John Doukas’ Memorial this Sunday at the Kensington ...

John Doukas Memorial

News continues to roll in about the John Doukas Memorial.  John was the legendary lead singer for Earthquake, the Beserkley Records band that changed the world.  The surviving ...

The Memorial for John Doukas

The Memorial for John Doukas will be at the Kensington Pub, in Kensington (next to Berkeley) on June 26th from 4-6pm.  John wrote to the book on being a rock and roll lead singer ...
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