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Greg Kihn Again

Making of The Cover For Greg Kihn Again

Beserkley Records was different. They never did things by the book. Joel Turtle and Mathew Kaufman were mavericks, rogue businessmen with an eye for art. Beserkley was never in it for ...

Odds and Sods

Last night at 8:30 I was on the syndicated radio show ROCKLINE with Bob Coburn. I answered questions phoned in from the radio audience and had a ball. The only problem was that I was ...

Let us give credit where credit is due

Let us give credit where credit is due-  This CD is special.  It’s my legacy and it means a lot to me.  I got a hell of a team behind me, making it all possible.  Thank you all! The ...
beserkley house

The old Beserkley house/headquarters

I’ve been thinking a lot about the early Beserkley days lately.  Visiting the old Beserkley house/headquarters at the corner of Spruce and Eunice in Berkeley really brought back ...

It was a David and Goliath story

Nobody wanted us. All four of the original Beserkley bands were orphans, some cut by their record companies, and some, like me, who had no record deal. Thrown together by circumstance, ...
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