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What’s On Greg Kihn’s iTunes?

People have asked me, what’s on my iTunes?  Well, let me tell you I have eclectic (some might say weird) tastes and I have around 6000 songs on my iTunes.  Having nearly lost them ...

I finally got my iMac back with all my iTunes restored

I finally got my iMac back with all my iTunes restored.  Phew!  That was a close one.  I almost lost all my tunes when my external hard drive crashed.  Luckily that repair man was ...

Warm Cat on Cold Feet That’s the only technology I need today.

As I write today, my cat Zuzu is curled up around my naked feet (which are like icicles this morning due to the frigid weather we’ve been having.)  Zuzu loves to lay on my feet.  ...
Greg Kihn Best Of

Buy Greg Kihn Band Best Of Beserkley Featuring The Breakup Song & Jeopardy

Greg Kihn Releases Greg Kihn Band;Best of Beserkley, ’75-’84 New Disc Features 21 Remastered Hits from the Legendary 80’s Rocker Greg Kihn Announces CD Release Party and ...
Greg Kihn Kihntinued

Greg Kihn Band Kihntinued Released This Week!

Kihntinued is the album that followed RocKihnRoll with the Breakup Song on it as the big hit. Of course, what happens when you try to duplicate your initial musical success? Right. ...
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