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Buy Greg Kihn's Painted Black

Buy Painted Black a Rolling Stones Novel by Greg Kihn

Painted Black by Greg Kihn Painted Black is a Mystery/Thriller about the death of Brian Jones of the legendary rock n’ roll band The Rolling Stones. Dust Bin Bob is back and ...
Rubber Soul Novel By Greg Kihn

The Beatles Return in a New Novel, Rubber Soul, by Author, Rock Star & Radio Personality Greg Kihn

Part murder mystery & part coming-of-age story, Rubber Soul is a 100% action-packed ride through Beatlemania based on 100% accurate historical details April 23, 2013 – San ...

Things are REALLY getting hot and heavy with the new novel RUBBER SOUL

Things are REALLY getting hot and heavy with the new novel RUBBER SOUL. First of all, let me tell you. Editing is never done! It seems like no matter how many times this thing has been ...

Stormy Weather and Writing a New Book, 45RPM

No, it’s not just a Lena Horn song anymore, it was just happening right outside my window! The wind was howling, the rain is going sideways, and the temperature lwas near freezing. ...

My Next Novel RUBBER SOUL is Nearly Finished

My next novel RUBBER SOUL is nearly finished and I just talked to the artist who will do the cover. He had a ton of great ideas and I really like his work. His name is Sean Hartter ...
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