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Greg Kihn Band Glass House Rock

A breakthrough album for the young GREG KIHN BAND

The next release in the great GREG KIHN BESERKLEY CATALOGUE RE-RELEASE snuck out over the Holidays- GLASS HOUSE ROCK, one of my favorite albums- fossilized remains of which have been ...

Greg Kihn Re-Releases His 1978 Album Next Of Kihn

GREG KIHN is proud to announce the release of his THIRD BESERKLEY ALBUM (originally issued on vinyl in 1978) the legendary NEXT OF KIHN. Greg is currently re-releasing his entire Beserkley ...
Greg Kihn Again

Greg Kihn Again – I Am So Glad That This Historic Album is Once Again Available

Today is the re-release of my second album GREG KIHN AGAIN- the famous Japanese Mask album recorded and released in 1977. I have a hell of a story to tell about the making of that cover, ...

Greg Kihn Debut Album Re-Released on Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes Review - “This record has it all: good songs (mostly written by Kihn) with strong vocals and tight harmonies. If you only know Kihn from the hits, you owe it to ...
beserkley house

The old Beserkley house/headquarters

I’ve been thinking a lot about the early Beserkley days lately.  Visiting the old Beserkley house/headquarters at the corner of Spruce and Eunice in Berkeley really brought back ...
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