Same Security Guy at Every Kihncert Show

When I drove up to the performer’s gate at the Shoreline Amphitheater on Saturday night for the Kihncert, I saw the same security guy guarding the gate.  I stopped to chat with him and he told me that he’d been working there for twenty years!  This guy had worked every Kihncert since day one- all eleven shows and he was there!  He congratulated me and said he thought maybe we had surpassed Bill Graham’s Day On The Green, which he though only lasted ten years, but he wasn’t sure.  The guy used to work for Bill Graham at the Fillmore for years before the Shoreline was built.  He reminded me of the time 25 years ago at the Fillmore when I shared a fattie with him at a Hot Tuna show.  Good deeds do not go unrewarded.  That guy never forgot it and he’s been a friend for life!

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5 Responses to "Same Security Guy at Every Kihncert Show"

  1. How many Days on the Green were there? My husband and I have both talked about them to our kids (11-18), and it’s too bad that they don’t still have them.

  2. Love the photo – I miss Bill!

  3. Tom Paulsen says:

    I was actually one of the fraternity members that served as security for you at Northwest Missouri State University in about 1985! Only once though, but it was great!

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