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Spinal Tap

Greg Kihn’s Top Ten Midnight Stoned Movies

Has this happened to you?  You find yourself channel surfing around midnight after smoking one of those big “day enders” you only roll late at night.  Whacked-out, but with discerning ...
odds n ends

Greg Kihn’s Odds and Ends – Painted Black, Rubber Soul, New Songs & More

When new things come up and I get all excited and mention it to you online, do I jinx it?  I hope not because I’ve got a ton of stuff to report. My new novel, PAINTED BLACK, the ...

Greg Kihn, 9 Things I Hate About the Internet

You know when you go to a website that has some huge banner or headline and when you fist open the page it flashes a couple of times off and on?  I hate that. You now when you open ...

Greg Kihn’s 420 Report, Things Have Really Changed.  

The Old Days-  Scoring weed was a big hassle, you were lucky if you knew somebody that had weed for sale and you’d drive across two states to get it.  You had to meet people in ...

Greg Kihn’s Top Ten Songs To Listen To While Stoned (on Medical Marijuana)

“Comfortably Numb”- Pink Floyd.  This one sounds spacey and odd when you’re straight, but after a big fat doobie it all makes perfect sense. “A Day In The Life”- Beatles.  ...

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