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Apple iTunes Review of KIHNTAGIOUS, “Well Worth a Listen!”

Apple iTunes review of KIHNTAGIOUS: Working on a well-worn formula could have spelled trouble for the Greg Kihn Band, but on Kihntagious,  they’ve come through without so much ...

Greg Kihn Band Kihnspiracy is Back and You Can Buy It Today!

For the first time in decades you can now purchase the entire Kihnspiracy album.  This was our 8th album and it yielded our first number-one worldwide hit Jeopardy in 1983.  The RocKihnRoll ...

Greg Kihn Band Releases KIHNTAGIOUS on Apple iTunes

KIHNTAGIOUS was the great lost Greg Kihn Band album.  First of all, let me say musically I thought it was one of our strongest.  The songwriting was better, the grooves were deeper, ...

Tighten up at the Tonic Lounge

I just got back from Portland where Robert Berry and I played an acoustic gig at a place called the Tonic Lounge.  First of all I want to thank Tony (the Promoter) and all the guys ...
Praying Mantis oothea

Some Rock Stars Collect Expensive Guitars, Greg Kihn Collects Preying Mantis

It’s that magical time of year again, when you hear the pitter-patter of thousands of tiny feet in the back yard.  That’s right, it’s preying mantis time again!  The coolest ...

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