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Ignore Previous Cookie. Fortune Cookies For All Occasions.

I got a fortune cookie recently that said, I kid you not, IGNORE PREVIOUS COOKIE.  Can you believe it?  That’s brilliant!  I put it in my wallet, which is where I put all my special ...

What’s On Greg Kihn’s iTunes?

People have asked me, what’s on my iTunes?  Well, let me tell you I have eclectic (some might say weird) tastes and I have around 6000 songs on my iTunes.  Having nearly lost them ...

Welcome to the future. It’s 2014. Shouldn’t we be living like the Jetsons?

Welcome to the future.  It’s 2014.  Shouldn’t we be living like the Jetsons?  Shouldn’t we have flying cars and floating cities by now?  The future as seen by 1950’s sci-fi ...

Brave New World!

Let’s clear the deck for 2014.  Let’s get rid of the clutter.  There are a million really great things happening in 2014 and I can’t wait to tell you about them, but alas, the ...

Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve is coming and 2013 is almost over!

Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve is coming and 2013 is almost over!  Holy cow.  I hope Santa Claus brought you everything you wished for (unless of course you were bad, then you ...

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