Rekihndled simultaneously does justice to the band’s past and reaffirms a valid future. – All About Jazz
Greg Kihn and his band are back in a big way with ReKihndled – Soundboard Magazine
A throwback to when music was rockin’ just for the sake of rock & roll! – 105.7 KOKZ Shawn Foxx
Rekihndled is sure to please new fans as well as those who’ve been with Greg since the early days. –
I’m very pleased to say his new release……is FANTASTIC!! – Ronnie Barnett, The Muffs
So many artists come out with new music long after their heyday and it’s often disappointing, but Kihn kihntinues to kraft katchy tunes. – Michael Cross, Operations Manager, Classic Hits KOKZ-FM Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa
Kihn holds nothing back in this superb collection. – Red Deer Express
Rekihndled is a welcomed and comfortable addition to his prolific catalog. – Ink19
This is a highly polished, well-produced release from a band well versed in each other’s abilities, by a songwriter who has shown again that he still has the ability to produce top quality material, even after 41 years of releasing records. – Uber Rock
ReKihndled is an epic album of rock masterpieces. – Sidestage Magazine
Rekihndled rekindles love for all that is the Greg Kihn Band. –
I was actually able to get a first listen and it’s AWESOME!!! Can you believe it’s been 21 years since he’s had an album out? I’ll tell you what…it sure doesn’t sound like it on this album! – Martha Quinn, former MTV VJ
The Greg Kihn Band’s Rekihndled is solid stuff. –



First Album of All New Greg Kihn Band Material in 21 Years!

11 Brand New Greg Kihn Band Songs!

Dictionary defines “Rekindled” as the act of restarting a fire, to excite, to stir up, to begin to burn again.  That’s exactly what it is!  Strike a match and let’s go!

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