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Rare Photos of The Beatles & Abbey Road, Would You Buy Them?

I recently saw that a full set of rare Beatles / Abbey Road photos goes to auction this month. The photos are said to be valued at $150k but expected to go higher! Got me thinking…. ...

Keith Richard’s Liver It’s a Scary Place, Let Me Tell You.

Here we are, shrunk down to microscopic size by a reducing ray and injected into Keith Richard’s bloodstream and we have made it to his liver.  It’s a scary place, let me tell ...

I Love a Good Sandwich, Today is National Sandwich Day

I love a good sandwich.  I’ve been a sandwich eater my whole life.  Since today is National Sandwich Day, let’s take a look at some of my favorites.  First of all, let’s tip ...

The Greg Kihn Band… Kansas City After Midnight & a Killer BBQ!

Watching the Giants play the Royals in the 2014 World Series brought back some memories.  The Greg Kihn Band used to play Kansas City quite a bit back in the 80’s.  They had a ...

Growing up with Baseball Play Ball! Time to Vote!

When I was a kid, I grew up in Baltimore only a few blocks away from Memorial Stadium.  As a matter of fact, my elementary school was directly across the street from Memorial Stadium.  ...

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