Opening Ceremonies of the London Olympics

I watched the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics last night on TV.  It was a little late for me since I normally have to get up at 4:00am but I stayed up to watch Paul McCartney.  I was fighting to keep my eyes open by the time Sir Paul took the stage.  Paul woke me right up.  Starting with “The End” from Abbey Road was a brilliant piece of rock and roll theater- the lyrics mean more today than when they were written over 30 years ago.  They certainly hit home for me- I get emotional sometimes when I hear the Beatles music because they are so intertwined with my life that nearly every song brings a memory.  Many of those memories are bittersweet.  The Beatles were an integral part of my youth.  Growing up in my parent’s house in Baltimore, watching them on Ed Sullivan, learning to play the guitar, smoking my first joint and listening to Revolver, the flower power days, growing my hair, revolution, the summer of love, Sgt. Pepper, the Maharishi, the death of Brian Epstein, Yoko, Linda, John Lennon’s assassination, the death of George… the list goes on and on.  All of it hit me hard.  I get a little misty sometimes…

I noticed Paul’s voice was a little ragged during Hey Jude, but his enthusiasm carried it through.  I was surprised because Paul’s signing voice is one of he most reliable instruments in R&R and has stood the test of time.  I suspect that all the rehearsal and wear and tear on his voice in the days leading up to the gig may have taken a toll.  I understand that they were considering a lip-sync version but decided to go live at the last minute.  That was probably Paul’s influence.  Paul loathes lip-sync and always prefers a true live performance.  Besides, let’s face it, Paul is above that.  A Beatles doesn’t fake it.  Soooo, we can live with the occasional crack or blown note.  At least I can.  Long live Sir Paul!
Is it me or are these Olympic Opening Ceremonies getting more and more bizarre.  Remember China?  At least the Brits gave us Mary Poppins.  And who the hell are the Arctic Monkeys?  I saw them Saturday Night Live once and I thought they sucked.  Where were all the truly great English bands?  Didn’t the Chinese bring out Jimmy Page?  What gives?
The Queen parachuting into the venue was nice…

Does music ever make you cry?  Does a song ever get to you so deeply that you shed a tear?  It happens to me all the time.  Usually its a Beatles song.

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  1. I, also, stayed up to watch Sir Paul. I watched the show with my 83 yr old mom. We caught ourselves, from time to time, looking at each other with utter confusion….”I don’t get it?” The best part, for me, was the “Generations of Music”….. My girlfriend gave me a chuckle when she said…”I find it funny that the British celebrated their Healthcare system in the opening Olympics ceremonies…yet their dental care was completely overlooked.” Ha Ha

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