On This Date in Greg Kihn Band History – Greg Kihn Again Released

Greg Kihn Again

On this date in 1977, our second album, Greg Kihn Again, was released on Beserkley Records. It contained the Springsteen cover of “For You,” which got us some airplay and the attention of The Boss, who dropped by our gig at the Roxy and gave us “Rendevous.” Bruce started doing our arrangement live. That album featured a weird cover- a Japanese mask.

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8 Responses to "On This Date in Greg Kihn Band History – Greg Kihn Again Released"

  1. Morning Greg…Have a KILLA WEEKEND! <3

  2. Roni Depue says:

    I have been wanting a copy of this LP

  3. Gary Oxley says:

    Roni ,where the heck do you think you would find a copy in the U.S ? I have a friend coming to california in the next 6 weeks.I might just call in a favor. In Australia this album would be about as common as rockinghorse dung!!!

  4. I was at this show. When I went to the bar to get drinks for my guest, (a high school buddy who was living in So. California at the time), the guy at the door asked if he could seat a third person at our little table. I said, sure….when I got back with the drinks, it was Bruce Springsteen that was sitting there. He could not have been any nicer. When I asked him why he was there, he said that Greg’s version of “For You” “knock his dick in the dirt”….that pretty much sums up my night in LA…!!!

  5. would LOVE to hear “For You” this morning…Can you post a link?

  6. Tom Blake says:

    Love’s made a fool of you, Politics, Real Big Man, Hurt So Bad, If You Be My Love, Madison Avenue…are you kidding me, all killer tunes. Like Who’s Next, it should have been called What’s Next. Which was of course Rockihnroll. And that was loaded with killer tunes, Valerie, Sheila, Trouble, and Can’t Stop (I think a major fan favorite – shouldn’t have broken that mirror).

  7. Tom Blake says:

    Michelle, go to Wolfgangs Vault. Search for GKB Bottom Line recording. It’s there among other greats. Geez those guys were good live. Like dropping the needle on a vinyl but better.

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