My roadies started an ill-advised harrassment of

On this date in 1981 the Greg Kihn Band played at Pine Knob Music Center in Michigan with Journey. It was during this gig that my roadies started an ill-advised harrassment of Journey lead singer Steve Perry, switching the names of the cities on his monitors, which embarssed him on several occaisions. I would like to take this oportunirty to formally apologize to Steve.  It wasn’t me, man.  It was the roadies.

Now, I know a lot of you are probably thinking, “well, they’re your roadies, can’t you control them?”

I’m not saying that I’m without guilt here.  That’s not exactly the case.  My hands are dirty.  I was guilty of not saying anything for over a week.  It’s true, I knew what was happening but I did nothing to change it.  I just let that train run off the tracks night after night, chortling like a schoolboy, while those evil roadies did their mojo.  I could have stopped it.  I could have ended Steve’s embarrassment, but did I?  Nope.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe I was jealous.  After all, Journey was the number one band in America that year and what were we?  Number three hundred and ten?  They were eating fillet mignon and we were living on hamburgers.  I know its childish, especially looking back now.  There are a lot of petty jealousies that go on between bands on the road.  Our two bands got along really well and I was pretty good friends with the rest of the guys.

Steve, it’s been 30 years and I’m sorry, man.  I really am.  I just want to take this opportunity to formally appologize to you.

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  1. Greg, a late apology is always better than none at all. I remember 1981 very well. That was the year I became a musician and I had a lot of influences to draw from at the time. I can honestly say I know about the band vs band jealousies and practical jokes. Sometimes I took such things too far not realizing it until much later. We all do things/make mistakes in our youth we aren’t proud of later but then again, life is imperfect but it’s still a beautiful journey(no pun intended). It’s all good man! You guys left your mark on the music world and to those of use who listened. There’s nothing better in this world than good music. It’s timeless!

    Bry H. Eastern North Carolina

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