Autographed Greg Kihn Band Rekihndled

I’m so excited! My new album ReKihndled is out now and I’m really proud of the new songs. Everyone put their all into it and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It was great to get back to our roots like the good old days. We really went into this with the mindset to have fun and that’s exactly what happened. We had a lot of fun writing and recording the new tunes. We’d all meet up at Soundtek studios and go over song ideas and jam. After not recording for over 20 years some thoughts go through your mind… Can we still do this… can we write current music that are fans from 20 years ago will like? Is there any magic / mojo left in the tank? Well, I think the answer is YES! I think that our fans are really going to dig this new album ReKihndled… I know I do.

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