Greg Kihn, Bruce Cohn Carlos Reyes at BR Cohn Fall Festival

Bruce Cohn, Greg Kihn, Carlos Reyes at BR Cohn Fall Festival

More about the BR Cohn Event:

I didn’t get a chance to thank everybody for last weekend.  First and foremost, I would like to thank Bruce Cohn, owner of BR Cohn Winery and manager of the Doobie Brothers who puts on this charity event every year.  It’s a thankless job and a ton of work but this man does it year after year.  Why?  He’s got a heart of gold.  Or he’s nuts.  One or the other.

Next I would like to thank my band- my son Ry, Dave Danza, Robert Berry, and Dave Medd for being such a great bunch of musicians to work with.  I never get tired of playing music with these guys.  You want to know something?  I would put them up against any band you can name- pound for pound, these guys rock in a class all their own.  They kicked ass.

Also I would like to thank Randy Spendlove for jamming with us on stage Saturday afternoon.  It’s not often that we have a two-time Grammy winner play with us.  Plus he sounded great and we had a ball.  By the way, Randy’s the President of Music at Paramount Pictures.  He was telling me about some upcoming movie projects that feature rock and roll and it was pretty impressive.  I can’t leak any of it to you- but one of the projects is a Skynyrd movie.  Don’t tell anybody or I might get into trouble.

Next I’d like to thank the listeners who drove from far and wide to see the show.  You guys are the absolute best!  I look out into the audience and I see so many familiar faces that I feel like I know everybody in the place!  Thanks for being part of it.

I want to thank all the other bands and all my friends for lending a hand and being part of this historic event: The Doobies, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jim Messina, Leon Russell, Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Carlos Reyes, Jeff Watson, Little Feat, and Lara Johnston.  I got a chance to talk to so many old buddies like Sammy and Joe, and the vibes were incredible.  Celebrity chef Guy Fieri made me hungry just standing next to him.  Like Pavlov’s dog, I am conditioned to eat in this man’s presence.   Somebody should tell him his sunglasses are pointed the wrong way.  Also thanks to the crews and stage volunteers, and everybody involved with the production- a spendid job was done by all!  Also thanks to Michael Coats for making sure everybody knew.  While I’m at it, thanks to my publicists Chris and web guru Michael.

Of course, thanks to KFOX for pumping it up on the air.  Everybody did a great job!

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank all the wives and girlfriends who took care of their men and made sure everybody was relaxed and on time so they could do a great show!  Thanks, girls!  We couldn’t do it without you.

Did I leave anybody out?

Oh, yeah- YOU!  I want to thank you!