Praying Mantis

  1. The San Jose Sharks (Knocking on the Stanley Cup door after all these years!)
  2. Brian Wilson’s Beard- (I think there’s birds living in there!)
  3. The Oakland Atheletics- (Went to my first game this year and it was great.  These guys should win the AL west!  Plus I love Godzilla!)
  4. “The Unit” TV show- (Why do they take every show I like off the air?  I’m getting sick of this sh*t!  It goes all the way back to when I was a kid and they took away Star Trek- over the years it’s been non-stop, all my favorites have been cut- X-Files, 24, The Unit, Dark Skies, Crime Story,  A-Team, Gilligan’s Island…  OK, maybe not the last one, but you get the picture.  I say let’s start a campaign to get The Unit back on the air!)
  5. My cat Mojo- American Longhair with tortoise shell markings- (She’s retired, all she does is sleep all day and night.  And eat.  And poop.  What a life!)
  6. The Simpsons- (Still my favorite all-round TV show.  Strangely satisfying for a cartoon.)
  7. Ukeleles-  (They’re back, they’re cool, and they’re easy to play.  And of course they go great with Tommy Bahama shirts and Pina Coladas on the beach inHawaii.)
  8. Howlin Wolf- the old blues guy- ( I heard a Howlin’ Wolf song on a TV commercial recently and it almost gave me the bends.  I think it was “Ain’t Superstitious” written by the great Willie Dixon.  (You should go out and download the entire Howlin’ Wolf catalog immediately if not sooner as he is a genius.)
  9. The Praying Mantis- (Praying Mantis season will be here in May.  Are you ready?  The world’s coolest insect is ready for his annual comeback.  Buy the eggs at your local nursery.)
  10. El Pollo Loco chicken- (What a brilliant idea for fast food- grilled chicken!  It’s marinated and it’s not fried.   A healthy alternative to some of the fast food garbage I eat.)