poprock record

While known largely for just two tunes – “The Breakup Song” and “Jeopardy” – Greg Kihn actually has an amazing catalogue of material.  Pick out any of his albums from the 1970s or 1980s and you’ll find more than a few gems.  Well twenty years after his chart heyday Kihn is back with a new album, Rekihndled, and the good news is that the magic is still there, particularly on the lead single, “The Life I Got.”  Things open with that familiar Kihn crunchy guitar and a ‘whoo’ from somewhere, giving way to vocals with perhaps a bit more gravel than back in the day.  But when the chorus kicks in with its catchy drone-like lead guitar line it might just be 1982 all over again.  Nice to see a veteran pop rocker jump back in and show he’s still got it.

Thank you Poprock Record