Hi Greg,
I am the drummer for a band and I HAVE to ask (because I’m very excited) is this really Greg Kihn himself? I am an avid fan of your music and my friends and I love to Kereoke your songs. Anyway, we open our show this weekend with Write Em’ and I am most certainly going to bring up this correspondence.
If this is really you, thank you for the talent and effort you brought to the music industry and my personal appreciation for music over the years.
PS –
Random fan question for you, when you were recording jeopardy did you or the producer(s) hear a single or know that it was going to be a hit song or did it just seem the same as the other tracks on the album? Sincerely a die hard Rockihn Roller
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Yep, it’s me.  Glad to meet you, Jeff.  The answer to your question is yes.  Steve Wright and I wrote Jeopardy on his little Casio keyboard (one of the first with a drum machine built in) and we just found this funky beat and Steve started playing the chords he’d been wanting to show me, and the lyrics just popped into my head spontaneously.  It was like the song was already floating in the air, fully written and I just plucked it out.  I had a 4-track Fostex cassette recorder and we put down the demo right then and there. If you listen to the Demo, it sounds almost exactly the same.  We even used the cheesy echo on the Casio on the finished track.  When we played it for Matt Kaufman we all knew it was a hit.  It just sounded like a hit.  I remember playing that same demo for a groupie I knew in Chicago and she flipped out over it.  That was when I knew it was a hit.
Funny, though.  It wasn’t that way with The Breakup Song, everybody thought Valerie was the hit off that album.  Radio gravitated to the Breakup Song.  They were right.  Happily, we were wrong.
Thanks for the support keep rockihn!