I Want to Thank All of My Loyal Fans

The outpouring of reaction since I left KFOX has been incredible. I want to thank all of my loyal fans for all the wonderful comments, tweets, letters, support emails, concerns, and just plain love that has flowed forth. You guys are the best. I love reading your comments. Please keep them coming. They warm the cockles of my heart, even though I’m not sure where the “cockles” are located. And by the way- I”LL BE BACK!

Now let’s get ready for the next adventure!

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37 Responses to "I Want to Thank All of My Loyal Fans"

  1. And we thank YOU Greg for all the years of laughter in the morning, for giving of yourself, for your generosity of spirit. We thank you for giving us all what we wanted and for always being there in the morning when we needed to smile on our way to drop off the kids at school, on our way to work or on our way to wherever we happened to be going, you made us smile on our way there. And when you land where you land, we’ll all be there to turn you on again…and smile.

  2. I’ve loved listening to you for over ten years now! (Since I was in high school.) 🙂 I can’t even fathom what “different direction” KFOX might be contemplating; I don’t even want to tune in anymore. Your generous, sunny, down-to-earth personality, amazing sense of humor, and classic rock credentials was one of those indispensable things that made KFOX great. I can’t tell you how much I will miss you and KFOX just ain’t gonna cut it for me anymore. I look forward to your return to the airwaves. Thank you for brightening my mornings for so long. Classic rock 4 ever! 😀

  3. Man…so bummed out over the news. Your morning show and music play list brought back so many fond memories of my life growing up in San Jose in the 70’s and 80’s.

    Thanks and looking forward to listening to you where ever you land your next gig!

  4. I have been going back and forth between rage and sorrow at what the station has done to you and, to a lesser degree, its playlist. You are the most articulate and beloved morning radio personality the Bay Area has ever had. You are kind, smart and funny. Take a little time to decompress, and then please come back on the air, somewhere!

    KFOX is dead to me. They asked for my feedback and I let ’em have it. The word I used was “morons.”

    Love, Laurie

  5. Dear Gregg (and Chris)

    I, so much agree with Deb’s comment and Kristin’s comment. I am TOTALLY DEVASTATED!!!
    I had just gotten over the EXCITEMENT with Chris being back!! What A Great Big Bummer!! WOW!!!
    I feel like I am grieving over a dear friend’s death…..And what about Chris? WOW….What A Big Fat Bummer!!
    You, guys were like family through the radio. Every morning before school…my boys had grew up with you guys. Sharing the laughter of the fun times, the various choice of opinions over politics and sports, education on music and drugs, etc..
    My boys, as well as I, had learned alot about rock n roll music ( the history of it) and even various musical instruments.
    You would remind us many mornings, about being a true American, and the importance about supporting our troops,
    And the caring of our four (or more) legged, furry (or not) friends.
    You had helped to remind us, Why we celebrate important holidays and how to not forget those who are more hungery or more colder than us in times of need.
    And all those school students….You and Chris gave them very “Valuable” time, support, education, encouragement to the music world.
    Now, where are they going to get all that you and Chris had gave…? Sadly, the young ones are not going to get that from the schools…..( along time ago, I had sent two dvds to you and Chris of Styx playing with a high school orchestra…It was Totally Awesome. At this moment I don’t know if they had made it to your hands..oh well)

    .And we are going to miss the updates of Your Family (kids, etc..) And I want to Thank You and Chris for teaching my boys that it is okay to speak your mind, express your emotions (tearful or cheerful), and when the testosterone takes over… how to maintain respectfulness and be dignifide. Since I am single mom, you guys had a played a very important role Monday Thru Friday in the mornings. Besides the boys themselves, you guys were the only testosterone floating around in our house!! My boys had enjoyed listening to you guys as they grew up. They would laugh out loud about the jokes or when you guys were just plain goofy. We would get a kick when Chris would remind Gregg to behave because of the young ears that were tuning in. And they would listen with great entent during important issues/topics that you, guys had discussed (which importantly, had given us many discussion opportunites amongst ourselves). And we had great interest when you, both, had shared your loved ones on the air with us.
    I do apologize for the novel. After all these years, KFOX (I feel) has came to an end….I wanted to express my appreciation, my gratitude and the impact that you and Chris had on us…(it does help the grieving process 🙂
    So, now on a Cheerful note… like always, things do happen for reasons…And what ever happens, things do seemed to get even better….Many, Many Best Wishes to you, Gregg and Chris…I WILL be waiting to hear you, both, again…….on the radio.
    And “No” I will not be listening to KFOX. It is not KFOX Radio without Gregg and Chris.
    I’ll just continue onto KFOG.. they play good music, too. They just don’t have Chris and Gregg 🙂
    I just can’t thank you, enough, Family thru the radio…….You will truly be missed…UNTIL you are back on radio:)

  6. Geez, Greg, that was ice cold–giving you that “going in a different direction” speech right after your 16 year mark. KFOX’s loss, for sure. I remember listening to you when you were on in the afternoon, and you also had a female sidekick as well. Thanks for all the good memories. I especially loved the stories you would tell; the ones of your family were great. When KFOX got rid of Laurie Roberts I figured bad stuff was up. (Now she’s the best thing about KFOX, unless they get rid of her again!) IMHO, I also thought KFOX wasn’t offering great, wide ranging classic rock anymore as well. Now, there’s no real need to listen to them anymore! Hoping to hear you soon on another station!

  7. I tuned in this week for my morning drive time with you and was in for a shock. How could they? What were they thinking? Listeners have many ways to hear music or chat but we are loyal fans of personalities. Now that you’re not on KFOX, there isn’t a need for that radio setting. We’ll all be looking for word of your next adventures in writing, making music and volunteering. Best wishes.

  8. I can’t believe it. I have listened to 98.5 since it was KOME with Dennis Erectus. I can’t even listen to kfox now. It just doesn’t sound the same. I email the studio. I think they are really going to lose a lot of listeners. If they wanted to experiment, they should have brought back ksjo. New administration usually make bade decisions. So sad to not hear you and Chris in the morning. I hope you and him are doing well. Take care. I can’t wait to have you back on the air with a Classic Rock station. Now we don’t have one at all here.

  9. No we need to thank you for all the great years listening to you while we are stuck in commuter traffic……You and Chris always had me laughing. Not a big fan of the new sound so searching for a new station to entertain me on my commute…Good luck and I know we’ll here from you soon. Enjoy sleeping in you deserve it!!!!!!

  10. Hi Greg, I have been a huge fan & loyal listener of yours for years. When I turned my radio on that terrible day and no Greg Kihn was there and those terrible words – “new” were said, I got a little sick. Not sure what they are thinking, but as usual it is all about the money to be sure – do they really think, and no offense to the “Beasty Boys”, but that they belong on the same dial as “Tom Petty” – seriously! You will be MISSED and cannot wait to hear you again on the air. KFOX has been removed from my car, office, and home radios – and taken off my “favorites” on the web. GOOD LUCK Greg and THANKS for all the great talk & times!!!!!

  11. HI Greg,

    Miss your show, miss the voice, the laughs, the great stories and sometimes not so great stories!

    You were like family and now it’s gone. boohoo


    You, the Bay Area’s very own rock star, off the radio. oh well.

    I loved some of your skits you did over the past year, the unemployment call in (if your name was called), the inside knowledge about some of the fellow rockers like Eddie Money for example, the great story you shared about renting the corvette from the Burbank Airport for the same price as a regular rental car and then finding out your corvette was the worst car in the parking lot at Paramount Studios.

    Great bits, now fond memories.


    Hope you land somewhere soon. This is Katie from San Francisco, your over the top Beatles fan, in case you’re wondering!

  12. I almost forgot Greg, your taped joke about Grandma (who lost the house because she liked the pets.com sockpuppet) better not invest in Facebook was SO TRUE! That was so funny and it was played not just during the morning but throughout the day/evening in the days leading up to the Facebook IPO (which everyone knows tanked and keeps dropping). It was super funny for me because I used to work for the firm that invested in Pets.com ! It was great Silicon Valley dotcom humor and now you’re gone.

    Thanks for the laughs and the memories.

  13. Guy the trucking fool · Edit

    WOW! Greg…
    What happened??? I’m up in Washington state and when I receive the K-funk email I’m like who is this chick? And taking over and playing songs, and I”m like….Where the Hell is Greg and Chris. You know, a panic started to set in. Yea, the fears too – became a reality today!
    Remember the DJ in New Mexico I wrote you about? Well, I found one somewhere around the Victorville CA area who simple PRAISED you. Knew a lot about you and your other careers (books and the like). I thought that was real cool.
    A thought came to me while reading the blog. Ever thought about YOUR OWN RADIO STATION on the Internet??? Now that would be real cool. And yea, every Concert you play I will do my best to be there. (and by the way, that concert at the Catalyst? Wow! You guys were Hot, Tight and Rock’n!!!
    Hope Chris is doing ok too. Certainly miss him as well. Met him at the show later afterwards. Well, I better shut up now or everyone will think I’m trying to take over this blog. LOL!

  14. Greg, My heart is so full, Miss you in the morning. My husband and I used to go to your local gigs when we were dating in the 70’s (lost him to a brain tumor in ’03), so when you started at KFOX it was such a pleasure. My 21 year old loves your music, we go to Kincert every year! Your joy has gotten me through some tough times. Now I have my first grandson!
    Peace to you and yours. Hope to hear you on the airwaves again!

  15. Greg, always enjoyed your morning show, especially the way you and Chris interacted. Also the interviews and the stories about rock and roll, your writing etc. Seems like KFOX is going down hill almost as fast as KFOG! Looking forward to your next radio gig, your next live gig and your next book. I’ve bought all of them and I can’t wait for Rubber Soul.

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