The Olympics start Friday at 7:30pm and I can’t wait for the opening ceremony with Paul McCartney preforming.  Queen will also be there.  Security will be extra tight.  The world will be watching.  “Hey Jude” is the closing song.  The rest of the set is being kept a secret.

I had a fantastic trip to the California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park with my two grandsons Nate and Zuri yesterday afternoon.  We had a ball.  Nate was complelety enthralled with the rain forest, the jelly fish and the tidal pool.  He loved it!  Later we had lunch in the cafe- I had a turkey and Swiss sandwich and Nate had noodles.  The place was packed on a Thursday afternoon!  I mean it was jammed.  I’d hate to see it on a Saturday!  You couldn’t even get into the gift shop.  If you’ve ever shopped at the Giants Dug Out Store during a game at AT&T Park, you know what I mean.

Watching TV last night revealed that a lot of these TV personalities have had face lifts.  Now, I have nothing against cosmetic surgery, but I’ll be damned if I let some doctor mess with my face.  I have never and will never get a face lift.  Here’s another shocker, I’ve never, ever colored my hair- I like a touch of gray (as the Grateful Dead say) and I don’t mind getting old with dignity.  Besides, I you can’t really do much to me to improve my looks- it is what it is.  I’ll never be a male model.  No one will mistake me for Tom Cruise.  I have a great face for radio.  That’s a joke.  Go back and read it again.  A face for radio… get it?

Speaking of last night’s TV- I happened to stumble onto “The Harder They Come” the 1972 reggae classic movie starring Jimmy Cliff.  Wow!  What a great movie.  I haven’t seen it in decades.  You could never make it today.  The movie was the story of Ivanho Martin, who became a singing star and a criminal (a bit of a Rogin Hood in Jamaica) and it had one of the greatest soundtracks of all time.  The album featured everybody from Toots and the Maytals to Demond Dekker.  It is still one of my all-time favorite soundtrack albums of all time.  Watching this brought back some bittersweet memories.  John Doukas (the late great lead singer for Earthquake) took me to see it in Berkeley and people actually lit up big spliffs as soon as the lights went down.  That blew my mind.  I had only been in California for a year at the point and I had never seen dreadlocks.  If people lit up like that back home in Baltimore, they would have shut the place down and arrested everybody!  Welcome to California!

Speaking of Earthquake- I always play their version of “Friday On My Mind” on Friday driving home- sweet memories and better times!

To those who heard the band doing the Roky Erikson (from the legendary 13th Floor Elevators) classic “I Walked With A Zombie” at the soundcheck for the Kihncert, and then emailed me to ask if that song would be featured in the set at upcoming GKB gigs… the answer is NO.

Big weekend in Baseball for the Bay Area coming up- Dodgers vs. Giants in a huge three game series for control of the NL West.  Over in the AL West the Oakland A’s had their seven game win streak snapped in Toronto last night, but I fully believe they will start a new streak today.

The weather will be spectacular this weekend so go out and there and kick some butt!  I’ll be logging 10 hours of sleep every night!  Sleeping has replaced partying in my world!  Ever notice how things have been going downhill ever since the word “party” became a verb?  Think about it.  Party… a verb?  Get it?  (Sigh…)  If you didn’t appreciate the earlier “face for radio” joke, chances are you won’t be thrilled with that last one either.