MLB ON FOX: LOGOThere are four guys that sit around a desk and have a panel discussion before every MLB Playoff Game that FOX SPORTS Broadcasts. I don’t know who they are, but I do know that they are starting to piss me off. Before every playoff game, and I do mean EVERY game, the four announcers give their pick for the winning team. Well, maybe I shouldn’t let it bother me, but they have picked EVERY SINGLE GAME against the Giants! During the Cincinnati Reds series, when we were facing elimination- down to our last gasp- they picked the Reds every time. And of course they were wrong! Out Giants kicked butt! Then we went against The St. Louis Cardinals (the defending world champs) and they picked the Cardinals all four times- another stupid bet! Our Giants did the impossible and they are now in the World Series! Who do you think they chose in game one of the series? You got it- they picked the Detroit Tigers! Also I’d like to point out that there are four guys that pick- and then they make up these fake newspapers and the headlines scream- “GIANT’S LOSE! VERLANDER DESTROYS GIANTS!” So let’s see- that’s 3X4 losers in the first round against the Reds, 4X4 more in the second round against the Cardinals- these idiots are wrong 12 times more frequently than they are right! In fact, they have shown great disrespect against the Giants time and time again. Well, now they can kiss our asses! When we shelled Verlander early and often, Joe Buck and his team of yes men were actually making excuses for it! I say get rid of Joe Buck- he’s a homer, he’s not that good, he’s deeply prejudiced against west coast teams, and he’s a putz! If you had those four guys over at your house to watch the game and they chose against your team 12 out of 12 times- I wouldn’t invite them over anymore. If FOX NETWORK can’t see that, then they must me blind. I’m not inviting them to my house any more- from now on I am listening to the Giants radio team of Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper, Dave Flemming, and the great Jon Miller! These guys are the best. Joe Buck sucks. We’ll probably get him for the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. Why does FOX love this guy so much? Really, he’s been unprofessional for as long as I can remember. It’s time for someone else to step forward. Is that all they got? Am I to believe that Joe Buck is their go-to guy for every sport? Don’t they have any other talent waiting in the wings? Joe Buck is getting old and tired. Let’s send him out and bring in somebody fresh and UNBIASED.

Oh, by the way, I am apologizing about all this baseball coverage- I know some people don’t care for it and that’s who I am apologizing to here. Another week and it will all be over! Personally, I know I have gotten a little out of hand with the baseball blogs but what can I say? My team is in the World Series! Go Giants!