Heartbreak In The Big Easy

NFL: Super Bowl XLVII-Coach Jim & John Harbaugh-Press ConferenceWell, the critics were right- a Harbaugh won the Super Bowl; only it was John not Jim. The Baltimore Ravens are the NFL Champions and they deserve it. They beat the San Francisco 49ers 34 to 31. Flacco played a hell of a game. My sister in Baltimore and all my old friends are celebrating right now. In the meantime the 49ers almost pulled off what would have been the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time. It would have been one for the ages. But alas, it was not to be. Here are my observations.

First of all it was one of the strangest Super Bowls I’ve ever seen. It had everything including a power outage.

Jennifer Hudson singing America The Beautiful with the kids from Sandy Hook was spectacular. It gave me goose bumps. What a voice she has! I didn’t care for Alicia Keys version of the National Anthem but that’s a matter of taste. Most people thought it was great. I though it dragged a little. As you know my two rules for singing the Anthem are start low and sing fast. She broke both but then again she’s a superstar and can pretty much do what she wants.

The first half was all Ravens and I felt terrible as the halftime show started. I thought we were out of it. It was 21 to 6. I felt queasy. I wondered what Jim Harbaugh was saying in the locker room.

The halftime show seemed incredibly shallow to me this year. Beyonce is drop-dead beautiful and has a great voice. She’s sexy and can dance up a storm, but for some reason it left me cold. That whole genre of music where you have a dozen dancers doing the same dance steps in lockstep while the singer does her routine seems more like Broadway show or a Vegas review than a concert. I know a lot of people love that sort of thing but it doesn’t do much for me. The songs are instantly forgettable and it all seems very contrived. Of course, everybody else I talked to loved it, so what do I know? I’d rather see ZZ Top or Tom Petty or the Stones. I say bring back live rock and roll next year.

Then the second half started and the Ravens ran the opening kickoff for a touchdown and suddenly it was 28 to 6. Then things got really weird. The power went out! The stadium went half dark and there was a 30-minute delay while they fixed the lights. Bizarre! When the lights went back on the 49ers came alive and scored an unbelievable comeback, pulling to within 3 points. We had our chances (first an goal and we couldn’t score) but the Ravens made the plays when it mattered. They are the World Champs.

Congratulations Baltimore. You guys played a hell of a game. But we’ll be back. Wait until next year.

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10 Responses to "Heartbreak In The Big Easy"

  1. I agree with you about the half time show, I thought it was more Vegas and couldn’t wait for it to end. I also thought Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook chorus was spectacular. It made me cry. I didn’t like the way the national anthem was sung either, to me Whitney Houston is the only one who captured the song with emotion and elegance. As for the game, I loved watching it, I did feel the ravens were going to take it. That team endured so much this last year and really needed this win.

  2. I think there should’ve been a moment of silence for former Navy Seal Chris Kyle (the one who was murdered last weekend). He was also a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. He, as to the rest of our people in uniform, are the reason we have the life we have and enjoy things like the Super Bowl.

  3. I didn’t like Beyonce too much smoke maybe next year Greg khin should play I’m serious these old bands from 70sand 80are awesome just like when the who Bruce Springsteen and tom petty played in the past super bowls they were great Greg think about it

  4. Hi Greg,
    I was looking forward to your review of the Super Bowl.
    Too bad the 49ers didn’t win, what a comeback that would’ve
    I enjoyed the half time concert more than i thought i would.
    Which commercial did you like the best?
    My favorite commercial was the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial.

  5. I didn’t like the half time show with all the pyrotechnics Beyonce should have nor used any. She should’ve shown respect for the 230oeople that died in Brazil and in my home state Warwick r.I where 99people died in a night club with pyrotechnics 10years ago lol

  6. Was Beyonce’s half-time sponsor Victoria’s Secrets? Perhaps her outlandish light show put a strain on the power gird that tripped the circuit breaker. After the power came back…the Niners finally saw the light and got back their focus. In the long run…big bro out-coached lil’ bro. Quote the Ravens’ Lewis NEVERMORE!

  7. I didn’t even watch the Half Time Show, no interest in Beyonce. I’m surprised that more people are not bothered that the officials didn’t make all the calls (on both sides) which could have certainly changed the outcome of the game. Being from Baltimore I was proud of the Ravens during the 1st half but not so much in the 2nd half (they played like cheaters). When officials pick and choose what they do and do not call the players on everyone is cheated including the fans who buy the tickets and, therefore, pay all the salaries. Maybe i’m “just a girl” and guys feel it’s never fair in sports or it is what it is, but as a consumer I have a problem with this. If officials are just going to “let them play the game” then what are they being paid for and why are they not fired (we don’t need them then). I will say the Ravens looked like Champs from the beginning. SF didn’t wake up until they saw Beyonce, LOL. When they woke up, they were impressive too!

    1. I even stopped going to basketball games because to me it doesn’t mean anything if fouls are not called. How can you call a team a winner in those cases? It’s just not how I was brought up.

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