Greg Kihn – For You (Video)

In honor of today’s in Greg Kihn Band history here is a video that fan Michelle Fadelli found on YouTube, lots of great old photos, concerts ads and more. Thanks Michelle!

YouTube Preview Image

Greg Kihn Band – Debut album, Greg Kihn Again and Next Of Kihn Now available from Apple iTunes.

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4 Responses to "Greg Kihn – For You (Video)"

  1. Greg, your version of this song is awesome.

  2. Tom Blake says:

    I remember reading the Rolling Stone coverage of Bruce’s first tour in Cal. They said he dedicated a tune “For You”. High praise.

  3. dugankelly says:

    Wow – sure brings back a LOT of memories…. I wonder…I have a few (old) pics too. How would I go about sharing them? (Reply to: duganitwell@yahoo.com)

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