Greg Kihn Band Rekihndled

Greg Kihn Band Releases Brand New Album REKIHNDLED – Pre-Order Now

Release Date: March 17, 2017

First Album of All New Greg Kihn Band Material in 21 Years!

11 Brand New Greg Kihn Band Songs!

  • The Life I Got
  • Big Pink Flamingos
  • Anthem
  • Cassandra
  • Tell Me Something Good
  • Good To Be Me
  • It’s Never Too Late
  • The Brain Police
  • Trained Monkey
  • I Wrote The Book
  • A Place We Could Meet

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Dictionary defines “Rekindled” as the act of restarting a fire, to excite, to stir up, to begin to burn again.  That’s exactly what it is!  Strike a match and let’s go!

Greg Kihn has been a successful artist for over 40 years. Greg Kihn has released 18 albums. He has a Billboard #1 Dance single with Jeopardy. Jeopardy was also a Billboard #2 track in the Top 100. Greg Kihn’s hit song The Breakup Song hit #11 on Billboards’s Top 100. You can still hear both Jeopardy and The Breakup Song on radio around the world. The Breakup Song was featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto. Greg Kihn is a member of both the San Francisco Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame and the San Jose Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Robert Berry got me into his Soundtek Recording studios in Campbell, CA, to write a few songs together.  One thing led to another and before we knew it we were halfway through an album!  My son Ry joined the festivities on lead guitar.  It turned out to be a fantastic combination.  We wrote and rewrote songs every Tuesday and it was magic.  I’ve learned from a lifetime of writing songs that the songs that write themselves are the best, so we let these tunes develop organically. Robert turned out to be an excellent producer.  As time passed by we played some of the new material for our managers Joel and Skyler Turtle and guess what?  They loved it too!  Now we were truly becoming convinced we were on to something.  Finishing the album turned out to be a labor of love.  It’s been twenty years since our last studio album.  The band has changed, we lost some players and we went through a lot of changes.  Twenty years is a very long time, but I am more proud of this effort than any of the others.  Working with Ry and Robert was a joy.  We worked with different drummers like Dave Lauser, Dave Danza, and original drummer Larry Lynch.  Everything fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The Greg Kihn Band are tough survivors, a tight family.  From management to music, we are two generations deep.  We really care about the music and put our hearts and souls into it. This is the real thing.  It’s like iTunes said, “The Greg Kihn Band is a band of genuine consequence.”  

I have to be honest with you; there wasn’t a minute during the recording of this album when I didn’t think it was special.  Every day was a kick.

When we were finished the album and fishing around for a Kihn pun to title it (a tradition around here) my flame was lit.  So here it is!  “ReKihndled!”  Dictionary defines “Rekindled” as the act of restarting a fire, to excite, to stir up, to begin to burn again.  That’s exactly what it is!  Strike a match and let’s go!

I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as we did making it.