I want to thank everyone who showed up on Sunday for the John Doukas memorial concert.  It was very emotional.  You could really feel John’s spirit in the room.  It was great to see so many old friends from the Longbranch and Keystone days.  I was besieged by old friends and if I missed anybody, it was only because I was swamped.  There just wasn’t enough time to talk to each and every one of you, although I really wanted to.  I cried several times during the festivities, most notably during the breakdown in “Friday On My Mind.”  I lost it.  It really brought back a ton of memories.  John took me under his wing when I arrived in Berkeley (he knew everybody, I knew no one) and showed me the world of Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll, changing my life forever.  John lived life to the hilt.  Seeing all our old friends was almost too much.  Hugs were the order of the day.  I was hanging with John’s first ex-wife Sarah and she was as beautiful and glamorous as the day she wed John ( I was at the wedding) in England.  John’s second ex was there from South Africa and I was reminded of John’s incredible appetite for life, I only met her once before but she remembered me.  I saw Joel Selvin, Matt Kaufman, Kenny Laguna (Joan Jett’s manager/producer) and a whole bunch of musicians I haven’t seen in decades- too many to list here.  The Rubinoos played and John Rubin kicked butt.  There was a lot of jamming and a lot of Quake songs in the air.  How about “Mama Bell” with Dan Alexander and John Cuniberti?  Original members of Purple Earthquake were there too.  I sang two songs trading vocals with Larry Lynch and the surviving members of Quake (including Robbie Dunbar and Steve Nelson) and Steve’s drum solo on Trainride brought the house down!  I had to choke back tears a couple of times.  I wish I could hug you all one more time!  Today I am having dinner with Sarah Doukas and John’s beautiful daughter Noelle before they return to London.  John’s ashes will be scattered and the only thing that will remain are the memories.  And what memories they are!  Good-bye John!  God, I miss you!