Posted on 4/17/2017 10:13 AM by Shawn Foxx

The Greg Kihn Band – ReKIHNdled (Get it?)

After 21 years, and radio shows, Top 40 singles (The Breakup Song (They Don’t Write ‘Em), (Jeopardy)), family, writing books and novels, Greg Kihn decided he has some more music in him. Greg’s son, Ry, follows in his father’s footsteps (quote YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN here) and joins the Greg Kihn Band – ON LEAD GUITAR! It all came about from a spark, when friend and bandmate, Robert Berry got Greg to get into a studio and lay some tracks down with him. Adding drummers, as needed, like Dave Lauser, Dave Danza, Larry Lynch (HI! I’m Larry and this is my brother Dave and other brother Dave), they had what became the newest Greg Kihn Band album, ReKIHNdled!

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Another album named after Greg with pun intended, as always, this record is light, very tight and fresh! Greg and his band are having fun and the recordings prove it. It’s very much a “driving in the car” album!

The lead track, “The Life I Got”, seems autobiographical. It’s rockin’ in almost a KISS groove with tight harmonies and stand out basslines that can’t be ignored. Track 2, is the lead-off single, “Big Pink Flamingos”. The song has a lot of life, to say the least. I don’t like to compare artists who stand on their own with other artists, but this one (and other songs on this album) reminds me of Dave Edmunds’ style of rock & roll. Lots of fun and focus on guitar. However, a video was also made for this song, and it fits the bill! The original rock & roll sound, without over production, long solos, progressive arrangements, etc. It’s FUN AND DANCEABLE ROCK & ROLL!

Songs like “Anthem”, “Tell Me Something Good”, and “Good To Be Me” are good, but there are some really memorable ones like “It’s Never Too Late” (signature Greg Kihn – very 80s!) and “The Brain Police” stand out. “Brain Police” is another that struck me with a sound that was familiar (and that’s not a bad thing!). This, to me, sounds as if Tom Petty collaborated with him on writing it. Hopefully, Greg appreciates the comparisons with these guys.

All in all, a fun record with some great hooks, guitar leads (Ry is an ANIMAL!) and a bit of a throwback to when music was rockin’ just for the sake of rock & roll!

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